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  1. rid of:


Detailed Translations for rid of from English to French

rid of:

rid of verb

  1. rid of (release)
    délivrer; débarrasser; délester
    • délivrer verb (délivre, délivres, délivrons, délivrez, )
    • débarrasser verb (débarrasse, débarrasses, débarrassons, débarrassez, )
    • délester verb (déleste, délestes, délestons, délestez, )

Translation Matrix for rid of:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
débarrasser release; rid of clean; clear; clear away; clear the table; drink; drink up; empty; empty the table; evacuate; finish; pour out; put away; tidy up
délester release; rid of
délivrer release; rid of bring; bring around; deliver; furnish; let go; liberate; provide; put up for shipment; redeem; release; rescue; send; set at liberty; set free; ship; supply
- eliminate; obviate

Synonyms for "rid of":

Antonyms for "rid of":

  • necessitate

Related Definitions for "rid of":

  1. do away with1

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