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Detailed Translations for transcribe from English to French


to transcribe verb (transcribes, transcribed, transcribing)

  1. to transcribe (translate; interpret; render)
    traduire; interpréter; rendre; exprimer; reproduire; refléter; restituer
    • traduire verb (traduis, traduit, traduisons, traduisez, )
    • interpréter verb (interprète, interprètes, interprétons, interprétez, )
    • rendre verb (rends, rend, rendons, rendez, )
    • exprimer verb (exprime, exprimes, exprimons, exprimez, )
    • reproduire verb (reproduis, reproduit, reproduisons, reproduisez, )
    • refléter verb (reflète, reflètes, reflétons, reflétez, )
    • restituer verb (restitue, restitues, restituons, restituez, )

Conjugations for transcribe:

  1. transcribe
  2. transcribe
  3. transcribes
  4. transcribe
  5. transcribe
  6. transcribe
simple past
  1. transcribed
  2. transcribed
  3. transcribed
  4. transcribed
  5. transcribed
  6. transcribed
present perfect
  1. have transcribed
  2. have transcribed
  3. has transcribed
  4. have transcribed
  5. have transcribed
  6. have transcribed
past continuous
  1. was transcribing
  2. were transcribing
  3. was transcribing
  4. were transcribing
  5. were transcribing
  6. were transcribing
  1. shall transcribe
  2. will transcribe
  3. will transcribe
  4. shall transcribe
  5. will transcribe
  6. will transcribe
continuous present
  1. am transcribing
  2. are transcribing
  3. is transcribing
  4. are transcribing
  5. are transcribing
  6. are transcribing
  1. be transcribed
  2. be transcribed
  3. be transcribed
  4. be transcribed
  5. be transcribed
  6. be transcribed
  1. transcribe!
  2. let's transcribe!
  3. transcribed
  4. transcribing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for transcribe:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
exprimer interpret; render; transcribe; translate describe; express; express oneself; formulate; give expression to; impersonate; peg out; phrase; pinch out; put into words; reproduce; reveal oneself; speak; spout; squeeze dry; squeeze empty; squeeze out; talk; unload; utter; ventilate; verbalise; verbalize; voice; word
interpréter interpret; render; transcribe; translate act; act a part; cover; define; depict; describe; explain; expound; express; express oneself; give expression to; impersonate; interpret; perform; personify; play the role of; play-act; portray; recount; report; represent; reproduce; reveal oneself; say; speak; take up; talk; tell; translate; understand; utter; ventilate
refléter interpret; render; transcribe; translate be reflected; cast back; describe; mirror; reflect; reproduce
rendre interpret; render; transcribe; translate be sick; bring back; bring up; come off; delate; deliver up; describe; extend; get off; give; give to; give way; hand; hand down; hand in; hand over; offer; pass; present with; puke; regurgigate; reproduce; return; spew; spew out; surrender; throw up; turn in; upchuck; vomit
reproduire interpret; render; transcribe; translate copy; describe; double; duplicate; imitate; multiply; photocopy; reproduce; take off; xerox
restituer interpret; render; transcribe; translate buy off; compensate; indemnificate; make good; pay back; refund; reimburse; render; repay; restitute; return
traduire interpret; render; transcribe; translate describe; express; express oneself; give expression to; impersonate; interpret; reproduce; reveal oneself; speak; subpoena; summon; talk; translate; utter; ventilate
- transliterate

Related Words for "transcribe":

  • transcribing

Synonyms for "transcribe":

Related Definitions for "transcribe":

  1. convert the genetic information in (a strand of DNA) into a strand of RNA, especially messenger RNA1
  2. rewrite in a different script1
  3. make a phonetic transcription of1
    • The anthropologist transcribed the sentences of the native informant1
  4. write out from speech, notes, etc.1
  5. rewrite or arrange a piece of music for an instrument or medium other than that originally intended1

Wiktionary Translations for transcribe:

  1. linguistics: to represent speech by phonetic symbols
  1. copier un écrit.

Cross Translation:
transcribe copier; recopier abschreiben — eine handschriftliche Kopie von einem Text machen