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to withstand verb (withstands, withstood, withstanding)

  1. to withstand (thwart; counteract; resist; oppose)
    contrecarrer; contrarier; se rebeller; s'opposer à
    • contrecarrer verb (contrecarre, contrecarres, contrecarrons, contrecarrez, )
    • contrarier verb (contrarie, contraries, contrarions, contrariez, )
  2. to withstand (resist)
    résister; tenir tête à; résister à
    • résister verb (résiste, résistes, résistons, résistez, )

Conjugations for withstand:

  1. withstand
  2. withstand
  3. withstands
  4. withstand
  5. withstand
  6. withstand
simple past
  1. withstood
  2. withstood
  3. withstood
  4. withstood
  5. withstood
  6. withstood
present perfect
  1. have withstood
  2. have withstood
  3. has withstood
  4. have withstood
  5. have withstood
  6. have withstood
past continuous
  1. was withstanding
  2. were withstanding
  3. was withstanding
  4. were withstanding
  5. were withstanding
  6. were withstanding
  1. shall withstand
  2. will withstand
  3. will withstand
  4. shall withstand
  5. will withstand
  6. will withstand
continuous present
  1. am withstanding
  2. are withstanding
  3. is withstanding
  4. are withstanding
  5. are withstanding
  6. are withstanding
  1. be withstood
  2. be withstood
  3. be withstood
  4. be withstood
  5. be withstood
  6. be withstood
  1. withstand!
  2. let's withstand!
  3. withstood
  4. withstanding
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for withstand:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
contrarier counteract; oppose; resist; thwart; withstand badger; cause failure; chicane; counteract; cross; frustrate; hamper; have something on one's mind; hinder; nag; obstruct; oppose; pester; prevent; sabotage; stem; stop; thwart; upset
contrecarrer counteract; oppose; resist; thwart; withstand beat against the wind; block; confine; cross; cross o.s.; dam; discourage; dissuade; embank; encapsulate; enclose; envelope; hamper; hinder; hold back; limit; make impossible; make the sign of the cross; navigate; obstruct; oppose; prevent; restrain; restrict; sabotage; sail against the wind; stem; stop; tack; thwart; upset
résister resist; withstand continue; defend; drag on; hold off; hold on; keep away; keep off; keep on; keep out; keep up; persevere; persist; resist
résister à resist; withstand confine; dam; defend; embank; encapsulate; enclose; envelope; hold off; keep away; keep off; keep out; limit; match for; resist; restrict
s'opposer à counteract; oppose; resist; thwart; withstand bother; confine; dam; embank; encapsulate; enclose; envelope; hamper; hinder; impede; limit; obstruct; raise objections; restrict; stonewall
se rebeller counteract; oppose; resist; thwart; withstand mutiny; rebel; revolt; stand up
tenir tête à resist; withstand
- defy; hold; hold out; hold up; resist; stand firm

Related Words for "withstand":

  • withstanding

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Related Definitions for "withstand":

  1. stand up or offer resistance to somebody or something1
  2. resist or confront with resistance1
    • The new material withstands even the greatest wear and tear1

Wiktionary Translations for withstand:

  1. to resist
Cross Translation:
withstand résister weerstaan — stand houden, weerstand bieden aan

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