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    • witloof


Detailed Translations for chicory from English to Dutch


chicory [the ~] noun

  1. the chicory
    het witlof; de lof

Translation Matrix for chicory:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
lof chicory hymn; laudatory poem; laudatory speech; ode; panegyric
witlof chicory
- Cichorium intybus; chicory plant; chicory root; curly endive; succory

Related Words for "chicory":

  • chicories

Synonyms for "chicory":

  • chicory root; root
  • succory; chicory plant; Cichorium intybus; herb; herbaceous plant
  • coffee substitute
  • curly endive; salad green; salad greens

Related Definitions for "chicory":

  1. crisp spiky leaves with somewhat bitter taste1
  2. root of the chicory plant roasted and ground to substitute for or adulterate coffee1
  3. perennial Old World herb having rayed flower heads with blue florets cultivated for its root and its heads of crisp edible leaves used in salads1
  4. the dried root of the chicory plant: used as a coffee substitute1

Wiktionary Translations for chicory:

  1. Cichorium intybus
  1. plantkunde|nld voeding|nld groente|nld species|Cichorium intybus een of meer samengestelde lintbloemige planten van de soort Cichorium intybus var. sativum
  2. groente
  3. Cichorium intybus var, een bladgroente die in het donker wordt geteeld

Cross Translation:
chicory witlof Chicorée — Eine Zuchtform der Gemeine Wegwarte aus der Familie der Korbblütengewächse.
chicory wild; cichorei WegwarteBotanik, kurz: gemeine Wegwarte (Cichorium intybus), blaue Blume aus der Gruppe der Korbblütler, mit der Endivie verwandt
chicory cichorei Zichorie — Pflanze aus der Gattung der Korbblütengewächse