Detailed Translations for comment upon from English to Dutch

comment upon:

to comment upon verb (comments upon, commented upon, commenting upon)

  1. to comment upon (comment)
    becommentariëren; commentaar geven; commentariëren; van commentaar voorzien
    • becommentariëren verb (becommentarieer, becommentarieert, becommentarieerde, becommentarieerden, becommentarieerd)
    • commentaar geven verb (geef commentaar, geeft commentaar, gaf commentaar, gaven commetaar, commentaar gegeven)
    • van commentaar voorzien verb (voorzie van commentaar, voorziet van commentaar, voorzag van commentaar, voorzagen van commentaar, van commentaar voorzien)

Conjugations for comment upon:

  1. comment upon
  2. comment upon
  3. comments upon
  4. comment upon
  5. comment upon
  6. comment upon
simple past
  1. commented upon
  2. commented upon
  3. commented upon
  4. commented upon
  5. commented upon
  6. commented upon
present perfect
  1. have commented upon
  2. have commented upon
  3. has commented upon
  4. have commented upon
  5. have commented upon
  6. have commented upon
past continuous
  1. was commenting upon
  2. were commenting upon
  3. was commenting upon
  4. were commenting upon
  5. were commenting upon
  6. were commenting upon
  1. shall comment upon
  2. will comment upon
  3. will comment upon
  4. shall comment upon
  5. will comment upon
  6. will comment upon
continuous present
  1. am commenting upon
  2. are commenting upon
  3. is commenting upon
  4. are commenting upon
  5. are commenting upon
  6. are commenting upon
  1. be commented upon
  2. be commented upon
  3. be commented upon
  4. be commented upon
  5. be commented upon
  6. be commented upon
  1. comment upon!
  2. let's comment upon!
  3. commented upon
  4. commenting upon
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for comment upon:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
becommentariëren comment; comment upon
commentaar geven comment; comment upon
commentariëren comment; comment upon
van commentaar voorzien comment; comment upon

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