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Detailed Translations for fray from English to Dutch


to fray verb (frays, frayed, fraying)

  1. to fray (ravel out; unravel)
    • rafelen verb (rafel, rafelt, rafelde, rafelden, gerafeld)
  2. to fray (unbutton; unravel; untie; )
    ontknopen; losknopen
    • ontknopen verb (ontknoop, ontknoopt, ontknoopte, ontknoopten, ontknoopt)
    • losknopen verb (knoop los, knoopt los, knoopte los, knoopten los, losgeknoopt)
  3. to fray
    uitrafelen; rafels loslaten

Conjugations for fray:

  1. fray
  2. fray
  3. frays
  4. fray
  5. fray
  6. fray
simple past
  1. frayed
  2. frayed
  3. frayed
  4. frayed
  5. frayed
  6. frayed
present perfect
  1. have frayed
  2. have frayed
  3. has frayed
  4. have frayed
  5. have frayed
  6. have frayed
past continuous
  1. was fraying
  2. were fraying
  3. was fraying
  4. were fraying
  5. were fraying
  6. were fraying
  1. shall fray
  2. will fray
  3. will fray
  4. shall fray
  5. will fray
  6. will fray
continuous present
  1. am fraying
  2. are fraying
  3. is fraying
  4. are fraying
  5. are fraying
  6. are fraying
  1. be frayed
  2. be frayed
  3. be frayed
  4. be frayed
  5. be frayed
  6. be frayed
  1. fray!
  2. let's fray!
  3. frayed
  4. fraying
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for fray:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- affray; disturbance; ruffle
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
losknopen fray; loosen; ravel out; unbutton; undo; unlock; unravel; untie
ontknopen fray; loosen; ravel out; unbutton; undo; unlock; unravel; untie solve; unravel
rafelen fray; ravel out; unravel
rafels loslaten fray
uitrafelen fray disentangle; disentwine; unravel
- chafe; frazzle; fret; rub; scratch

Related Words for "fray":

Synonyms for "fray":

Related Definitions for "fray":

  1. a noisy fight1
  2. cause friction1
  3. wear away by rubbing1
    • The friction frayed the sleeve1

Wiktionary Translations for fray:

Cross Translation:
fray flap; houw; klap; mep; slag; gevecht; kamp; strijd; treffen; veldslag bataille — guerre|fr combat général entre deux armées.
fray gevecht; kamp; slag; strijd; treffen; veldslag combataction par laquelle on attaquer et l’on se défendre.