Detailed Translations for glaze from English to Dutch


to glaze verb (glazes, glazed, glazing)

  1. to glaze (ice)
    – coat with a glaze 1
    verglazen; met glazuur bedekken; glazuren
  2. to glaze (ice)
    – coat with a glaze 1
    • glaceren verb (glaceer, glaceert, glaceerde, glaceerden, geglaceerd)
  3. to glaze (crystallize; crystalise; crystalize; crystallise)
    – become glassy or take on a glass-like appearance 1
    • kristalliseren verb (kristalliseer, kristalliseert, kristalliseerde, kristalliseerden, gekristalliseerd)
  4. to glaze (satin)

Conjugations for glaze:

  1. glaze
  2. glaze
  3. glazes
  4. glaze
  5. glaze
  6. glaze
simple past
  1. glazed
  2. glazed
  3. glazed
  4. glazed
  5. glazed
  6. glazed
present perfect
  1. have glazed
  2. have glazed
  3. has glazed
  4. have glazed
  5. have glazed
  6. have glazed
past continuous
  1. was glazing
  2. were glazing
  3. was glazing
  4. were glazing
  5. were glazing
  6. were glazing
  1. shall glaze
  2. will glaze
  3. will glaze
  4. shall glaze
  5. will glaze
  6. will glaze
continuous present
  1. am glazing
  2. are glazing
  3. is glazing
  4. are glazing
  5. are glazing
  6. are glazing
  1. be glazed
  2. be glazed
  3. be glazed
  4. be glazed
  5. be glazed
  6. be glazed
  1. glaze!
  2. let's glaze!
  3. glazed
  4. glazing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for glaze:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
glaceren glaze; ice
glanzig verven glaze; satin
glazuren glaze; ice
kristalliseren crystalise; crystalize; crystallise; crystallize; glaze
met glazuur bedekken glaze; ice
satineren glaze; satin
verglazen glaze; ice
- candy; glass; glass over; glaze over; sugarcoat

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Synonyms for "glaze":

Related Definitions for "glaze":

  1. a coating for ceramics, metal, etc.1
  2. a glossy finish on a fabric1
  3. any of various thin shiny (savory or sweet) coatings applied to foods1
  4. become glassy or take on a glass-like appearance1
  5. coat with a glaze1
    • the potter glazed the dishes1
    • glaze the bread with eggwhite1
  6. coat with something sweet, such as a hard sugar glaze1
  7. furnish with glass1

Wiktionary Translations for glaze:

  1. to apply a thin layer of coating
  1. meteorology: smooth coating of ice caused by freezing rain
  2. layer of paint
  3. coating on pottery
  1. met een laag glanzende suiker bedekken
  2. met een laag glazuur bedekken
  1. 2

Cross Translation:
glaze rijm; rijp givre — Légère couche de glace dont se couvrent les arbres, les buissons. etc., quand la température devient assez froide pour congeler l’humidité qui est dans l’air.
glaze glaceertechniek glacis — Couleurs légères et transparentes
glaze ijzel verglas — glaciologie|fr couche de glace transparente, formée sur le sol par une pluie ou bruine qui se congeler à l’instant de sa chute.

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