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knock down:

to knock down verb (knocks down, knocked down, knocking down)

  1. to knock down (floor)
    – knock down with force 1
    neerslaan; onderuithalen; omslaan; vloeren
    • neerslaan verb (sla neer, slaat neer, sloeg neer, sloegen neer, neergeslagen)
    • onderuithalen verb (haal onderuit, haalt onderuit, haalde onderuit, haalden onderuit, onderuit gehaald)
    • omslaan verb (sla om, slaat om, sloeg om, sloegen om, omgeslagen)
    • vloeren verb (vloer, vloert, vloerde, vloerden, gevloerd)
  2. to knock down (upend; hit over)
    • omverslaan verb (sla omver, slaat omver, sloeg omver, sloegen omver, omver geslagen)
  3. to knock down (fall down; strike down)
    op de grond vallen; neervallen
  4. to knock down (fall down; strike down)
    omslaan; vloeren; iemand neerslaan

Conjugations for knock down:

  1. knock down
  2. knock down
  3. knocks down
  4. knock down
  5. knock down
  6. knock down
simple past
  1. knocked down
  2. knocked down
  3. knocked down
  4. knocked down
  5. knocked down
  6. knocked down
present perfect
  1. have knocked down
  2. have knocked down
  3. has knocked down
  4. have knocked down
  5. have knocked down
  6. have knocked down
past continuous
  1. was knocking down
  2. were knocking down
  3. was knocking down
  4. were knocking down
  5. were knocking down
  6. were knocking down
  1. shall knock down
  2. will knock down
  3. will knock down
  4. shall knock down
  5. will knock down
  6. will knock down
continuous present
  1. am knocking down
  2. are knocking down
  3. is knocking down
  4. are knocking down
  5. are knocking down
  6. are knocking down
  1. be knocked down
  2. be knocked down
  3. be knocked down
  4. be knocked down
  5. be knocked down
  6. be knocked down
  1. knock down!
  2. let's knock down!
  3. knocked down
  4. knocking down
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for knock down:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
neervallen collapse; fall; falling down
onderuithalen tackling
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
iemand neerslaan fall down; knock down; strike down
neerslaan floor; knock down
neervallen fall down; knock down; strike down
omslaan fall down; floor; knock down; strike down change suddenly; overturn; page over; turn; wrap around the body
omverslaan hit over; knock down; upend
onderuithalen floor; knock down down; tackle
op de grond vallen fall down; knock down; strike down
vloeren fall down; floor; knock down; strike down
- blast; coldcock; cut down; deck; down; dump; floor; pull down; push down

Synonyms for "knock down":

Related Definitions for "knock down":

  1. shatter as if by explosion1
  2. cause to come or go down1
  3. knock down with force1

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Cross Translation:
knock down bij opbod verkopen unter den Hammer bringentransitiv: etwas versteigern

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