Detailed Translations for overturn from English to Dutch


to overturn verb (overturns, overturned, overturning)

  1. to overturn
    kantelen; omver kiepen; kiepen; dompen
    • kantelen verb (kantel, kantelt, kantelde, kantelden, gekanteld)
    • kiepen verb (kiep, kiept, kiepte, kiepten, gekiept)
    • dompen verb (domp, dompt, dompte, dompten, gedompt)
  2. to overturn (change suddenly)
    plotseling veranderen; omslaan
  3. to overturn (page over; turn)
    omslaan; ombladeren; omkeren
    • omslaan verb (sla om, slaat om, sloeg om, sloegen om, omgeslagen)
    • ombladeren verb (blader om, bladert om, bladerde om, bladerden om, omgebladerd)
    • omkeren verb (keer om, keert om, keerde om, keerden om, omgekeerd)
  4. to overturn (bring down; topple; overthrow)
    ten val brengen; wippen
    • ten val brengen verb (breng ten val, brengt ten val, bracht ten val, brachten ten val, ten val gebracht)
    • wippen verb (wip, wipt, wipte, wipten, gewipt)

Conjugations for overturn:

  1. overturn
  2. overturn
  3. overturns
  4. overturn
  5. overturn
  6. overturn
simple past
  1. overturned
  2. overturned
  3. overturned
  4. overturned
  5. overturned
  6. overturned
present perfect
  1. have overturned
  2. have overturned
  3. has overturned
  4. have overturned
  5. have overturned
  6. have overturned
past continuous
  1. was overturning
  2. were overturning
  3. was overturning
  4. were overturning
  5. were overturning
  6. were overturning
  1. shall overturn
  2. will overturn
  3. will overturn
  4. shall overturn
  5. will overturn
  6. will overturn
continuous present
  1. am overturning
  2. are overturning
  3. is overturning
  4. are overturning
  5. are overturning
  6. are overturning
  1. be overturned
  2. be overturned
  3. be overturned
  4. be overturned
  5. be overturned
  6. be overturned
  1. overturn!
  2. let's overturn!
  3. overturned
  4. overturning
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for overturn:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- turnover; upset
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
dompen overturn
kantelen overturn flip; revolve; roll; rotate; swing around; turn; turn over; twist; whirl
kiepen overturn drop; fall; trip up; tumble
ombladeren overturn; page over; turn
omkeren overturn; page over; turn backpedal; backtrack; go back; invert; return; reverse; shift; swing around; turn; turn around; twist
omslaan change suddenly; overturn; page over; turn fall down; floor; knock down; strike down; wrap around the body
omver kiepen overturn
plotseling veranderen change suddenly; overturn
ten val brengen bring down; overthrow; overturn; topple
wippen bring down; overthrow; overturn; topple
- annul; bowl over; bring down; countermand; knock over; lift; override; overrule; overthrow; repeal; rescind; reverse; revoke; revolutionise; revolutionize; subvert; tip over; tump over; turn over; upset; vacate
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- tip; turn turtle

Related Words for "overturn":

  • overturning

Synonyms for "overturn":

Related Definitions for "overturn":

  1. an improbable and unexpected victory1
  2. the act of upsetting something1
  3. change radically1
  4. rule against1
  5. cancel officially1
  6. turn from an upright or normal position1
    • The big vase overturned1
  7. cause to overturn from an upright or normal position1
  8. cause the downfall of; of rulers1

Wiktionary Translations for overturn:

  1. to turn over, capsize
  2. to overthrow

Cross Translation:
overturn kapseizen kenternNautik: (von Wasserfahrzeugen) sich zur Seite neigen und auf der einen Seite oder kieloben liegen bleiben
overturn kantelen; omgooien; omkeren; omvergooien; ten val brengen renverser — Traductions à trier suivant le sens