Detailed Translations for pursue from English to Dutch


to pursue verb (pursues, pursued, pursuing)

  1. to pursue (strive after; persecute; aim for; chase; haunt)
    nastreven; vervolgen; najagen; trachten te verkrijgen
    • nastreven verb (streef na, streeft na, streefde na, streefden na, nagestreefd)
    • vervolgen verb (vervolg, vervolgt, vervolgde, vervolgden, vervolgd)
    • najagen verb (jaag na, jaagt na, joeg na, joegen na, nagejaagd)
  2. to pursue (run after; follow; ensue; )
    volgen; achternagaan; nalopen; achternalopen
    • volgen verb (volg, volgt, volgde, volgden, gevolgd)
    • achternagaan verb (ga achterna, gaat achterna, ging achterna, gingen achterna, achternagegaan)
    • nalopen verb (loop na, loopt na, liep na, liepen na, nagelopen)
    • achternalopen verb (loop achterna, loopt achterna, liep achterna, liepen achterna, achternagelopen)
  3. to pursue (chase; persecute; haunt; run after)
    achtervolgen; achternazitten; volgen; nazitten
    • achtervolgen verb (achtervolg, achtervolgt, achtervolgde, achtervolgden, achtervolgd)
    • achternazitten verb (zit achterna, zat achterna, zaten achterna, achternagezeten)
    • volgen verb (volg, volgt, volgde, volgden, gevolgd)
    • nazitten verb (zit na, zat na, zaten na, nagezeten)
  4. to pursue (engage in; be engaged in; go in for)

Conjugations for pursue:

  1. pursue
  2. pursue
  3. pursues
  4. pursue
  5. pursue
  6. pursue
simple past
  1. pursued
  2. pursued
  3. pursued
  4. pursued
  5. pursued
  6. pursued
present perfect
  1. have pursued
  2. have pursued
  3. has pursued
  4. have pursued
  5. have pursued
  6. have pursued
past continuous
  1. was pursuing
  2. were pursuing
  3. was pursuing
  4. were pursuing
  5. were pursuing
  6. were pursuing
  1. shall pursue
  2. will pursue
  3. will pursue
  4. shall pursue
  5. will pursue
  6. will pursue
continuous present
  1. am pursuing
  2. are pursuing
  3. is pursuing
  4. are pursuing
  5. are pursuing
  6. are pursuing
  1. be pursued
  2. be pursued
  3. be pursued
  4. be pursued
  5. be pursued
  6. be pursued
  1. pursue!
  2. let's pursue!
  3. pursued
  4. pursuing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for pursue:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
achtervolgen following; pursuing; tailing
najagen aiming for; seeking after
nastreven aiming for; seeking after
volgen following; pursuing; tailing
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
achternagaan chase; ensue; follow; go after; pursue; run after; track
achternalopen chase; ensue; follow; go after; pursue; run after; track
achternazitten chase; haunt; persecute; pursue; run after
achtervolgen chase; haunt; persecute; pursue; run after
najagen aim for; chase; haunt; persecute; pursue; strive after
nalopen chase; ensue; follow; go after; pursue; run after; track
nastreven aim for; chase; haunt; persecute; pursue; strive after
nazitten chase; haunt; persecute; pursue; run after
trachten te verkrijgen aim for; chase; haunt; persecute; pursue; strive after
vervolgen aim for; chase; haunt; persecute; pursue; strive after adjudicate; bring action against; carry on; condemn; continue; get on; go on; go through with it; hold on; judge; keep on; keep up; let last; move on; persist; proceed; prosecute; pursue the subject; sentence; try
volgen chase; ensue; follow; go after; haunt; persecute; pursue; run after; track accompany; chaperon; come along with; conduct; escort; follow; imitate; walk along; watch
zich bezighouden met be engaged in; engage in; go in for; pursue
- act on; engage; follow; follow up on; go after; prosecute; quest after; quest for

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Synonyms for "pursue":

Related Definitions for "pursue":

  1. go in search of or hunt for1
    • pursue a hobby1
  2. follow in or as if in pursuit1
    • The police car pursued the suspected attacker1
  3. carry out or participate in an activity; be involved in1
    • She pursued many activities1
  4. carry further or advance1

Wiktionary Translations for pursue:

  1. to follow urgently
  2. to travel down a particular way or course of action
  3. to aim for
  4. to participate in, practise (an activity, profession)
  1. iemand inhalen
  2. (overgankelijk) achter iets aanzitten
  3. een doel trachten te bereiken

Cross Translation:
pursue vervolgen verfolgen — jemandem hinterher fahren oder gehen, eventuell um ihn einzuholen; jemandem auf den Fersen sein
pursue drijven; aandrijven; opjagen; voortdrijven pourchasserpoursuivre ou rechercher avec obstination, avec ardeur.
pursue najagen; narennen; achtervolgen; vervolgen; drijven; aandrijven; opjagen; voortdrijven poursuivresuivre quelqu’un avec application, avec ardeur, courir après quelqu’un dans le dessein de l’atteindre, de le prendre.
pursue douwen; dringen; duwen; stoten; aanduwen; drijven; aandrijven; opjagen; voortdrijven pousser — Faire pression contre quelqu’un ou contre quelque chose, pour le déplacer ou l’ôter de sa place.

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