Detailed Translations for refurbish from English to Dutch


to refurbish verb (refurbishs, refurbished, refurbishing)

  1. to refurbish (patch up; boost; jack up v; pep up)
    opknappen; opkalefateren; opvijzelen; oplappen
    • opknappen verb (knap op, knapt op, knapte op, knapten op, opgeknapt)
    • opkalefateren verb (kalefater op, kalefatert op, kalefaterde op, kalefaterden op, opgekalefaterd)
    • opvijzelen verb (vijzel op, vijzelt op, vijzelde op, vijzelden op, opgevijzeld)
    • oplappen verb (lap op, lapt op, lapte op, lapten op, opgelapt)

Conjugations for refurbish:

  1. refurbish
  2. refurbish
  3. refurbishs
  4. refurbish
  5. refurbish
  6. refurbish
simple past
  1. refurbished
  2. refurbished
  3. refurbished
  4. refurbished
  5. refurbished
  6. refurbished
present perfect
  1. have refurbished
  2. have refurbished
  3. has refurbished
  4. have refurbished
  5. have refurbished
  6. have refurbished
past continuous
  1. was refurbishing
  2. were refurbishing
  3. was refurbishing
  4. were refurbishing
  5. were refurbishing
  6. were refurbishing
  1. shall refurbish
  2. will refurbish
  3. will refurbish
  4. shall refurbish
  5. will refurbish
  6. will refurbish
continuous present
  1. am refurbishing
  2. are refurbishing
  3. is refurbishing
  4. are refurbishing
  5. are refurbishing
  6. are refurbishing
  1. be refurbished
  2. be refurbished
  3. be refurbished
  4. be refurbished
  5. be refurbished
  6. be refurbished
  1. refurbish!
  2. let's refurbish!
  3. refurbished
  4. refurbishing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for refurbish:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
oplappen doctoring; practice; practise; tinker at
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
opkalefateren boost; jack up v; patch up; pep up; refurbish
opknappen boost; jack up v; patch up; pep up; refurbish brighten; cheer up; fix up; redevelop; renew; renovate; resume; spruce up
oplappen boost; jack up v; patch up; pep up; refurbish
opvijzelen boost; jack up v; patch up; pep up; refurbish
- freshen up; renovate

Synonyms for "refurbish":

Related Definitions for "refurbish":

  1. make brighter and prettier1
    • we refurbished the guest wing1
  2. To repair and/or restore programs and settings on a used computer in order to meet certain functional requirements and to allow it to be resold or repurposed.2

Wiktionary Translations for refurbish:

  1. rebuild or replenish

Cross Translation:
refurbish uitgeleide doen; uitlaten; renoveren; vernieuwen; terugvoeren; doorgaan; verder gaan met; vervolgen; voortgaan; voortzetten reconduireTraductions à trier suivant le sens.