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  1. stash away:


Detailed Translations for stash away from English to Dutch

stash away:

to stash away verb (stashs away, stashed away, stashing away)

  1. to stash away (hide away; put away; tuck away; stuff away; lock up)
    wegstoppen; wegsteken
    • wegstoppen verb (stop weg, stopt weg, stopte weg, stopten weg, weggestopt)
    • wegsteken verb (steek weg, steekt weg, stak weg, staken weg, weggestoken)

Conjugations for stash away:

  1. stash away
  2. stash away
  3. stashs away
  4. stash away
  5. stash away
  6. stash away
simple past
  1. stashed away
  2. stashed away
  3. stashed away
  4. stashed away
  5. stashed away
  6. stashed away
present perfect
  1. have stashed away
  2. have stashed away
  3. has stashed away
  4. have stashed away
  5. have stashed away
  6. have stashed away
past continuous
  1. was stashing away
  2. were stashing away
  3. was stashing away
  4. were stashing away
  5. were stashing away
  6. were stashing away
  1. shall stash away
  2. will stash away
  3. will stash away
  4. shall stash away
  5. will stash away
  6. will stash away
continuous present
  1. am stashing away
  2. are stashing away
  3. is stashing away
  4. are stashing away
  5. are stashing away
  6. are stashing away
  1. be stashed away
  2. be stashed away
  3. be stashed away
  4. be stashed away
  5. be stashed away
  6. be stashed away
  1. stash away!
  2. let's stash away!
  3. stashed away
  4. stashing away
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for stash away:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
wegsteken hide away; lock up; put away; stash away; stuff away; tuck away
wegstoppen hide away; lock up; put away; stash away; stuff away; tuck away blur; conceal; disguise; hide; hush up
- hive away; lay in; put in; salt away; stack away; store

Synonyms for "stash away":

Related Definitions for "stash away":

  1. keep or lay aside for future use1

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