Detailed Translations for turn up from English to Dutch

turn up:

to turn up verb (turns up, turned up, turning up)

  1. to turn up (appear again)
    opduiken; weer verschijnen; boven water komen
    • opduiken verb (duik op, duikt op, dook op, doken op, opgedoken)
    • boven water komen verb (kom boven water, komt boven water, kwam boven water, kwamen boven water, boven water gekomen)
  2. to turn up (roll up)
    opstropen; oprollen
    • opstropen verb (stroop op, stroopt op, stroopte op, stroopten op, opgestroopt)
    • oprollen verb (rol op, rolt op, rolde op, rolden op, opgerold)
  3. to turn up
    opdraaien; omhoogdraaien; hoger draaien
    • opdraaien verb (draai op, draait op, draaide op, draaiden op, opgedraaid)
    • omhoogdraaien verb (draai omhoog, draait omhoog, draaide omhoog, draaiden omhoog, omhooggedraaid)
    • hoger draaien verb (draai hoger, draait hoger, draaide hoger, draaiden hoger, hoger gedraaid)
  4. to turn up
    • omhoogschroeven verb (schroef omhoog, schroeft omhoog, schroefde omhoog, schroefden omhoog, omhooggeschroefd)
  5. to turn up (turn out all right; land)

Conjugations for turn up:

  1. turn up
  2. turn up
  3. turns up
  4. turn up
  5. turn up
  6. turn up
simple past
  1. turned up
  2. turned up
  3. turned up
  4. turned up
  5. turned up
  6. turned up
present perfect
  1. have turned up
  2. have turned up
  3. has turned up
  4. have turned up
  5. have turned up
  6. have turned up
past continuous
  1. was turning up
  2. were turning up
  3. was turning up
  4. were turning up
  5. were turning up
  6. were turning up
  1. shall turn up
  2. will turn up
  3. will turn up
  4. shall turn up
  5. will turn up
  6. will turn up
continuous present
  1. am turning up
  2. are turning up
  3. is turning up
  4. are turning up
  5. are turning up
  6. are turning up
  1. be turned up
  2. be turned up
  3. be turned up
  4. be turned up
  5. be turned up
  6. be turned up
  1. turn up!
  2. let's turn up!
  3. turned up
  4. turning up
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for turn up:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
boven water komen appear again; turn up
hoger draaien turn up
omhoogdraaien turn up
omhoogschroeven turn up
op zijn pootjes terechtkomen land; turn out all right; turn up
opdraaien turn up
opduiken appear again; turn up arise; attend; be present at; bring to the surface; dive for; observe; occur; show up; witness
oprollen roll up; turn up
opstropen roll up; turn up
weer verschijnen appear again; turn up
- come on; come out; dig up; excavate; fold; fold up; locate; prove; show up; surface; turn out
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- appear; arise; make one's appearance; present itself; put in an appearance

Synonyms for "turn up":

Antonyms for "turn up":

Related Definitions for "turn up":

  1. appear or become visible; make a showing1
  2. bend or lay so that one part covers the other1
    • turn up your collar1
  3. find by digging in the ground1
  4. discover the location of; determine the place of; find by searching or examining1
  5. be shown or be found to be1

Wiktionary Translations for turn up:

turn up
  1. naar een bijeenkomst gaan

Cross Translation:
turn up tegen de haren in strijken rebrousser — propre|fr relever du sens contraire à celui dont ils sont naturellement couchés, en parlant des cheveux et du poil.
turn up tegen de haren in strijken retrousserrelever.

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