Detailed Translations for whisper from English to Dutch


to whisper verb (whispers, whispered, whispering)

  1. to whisper (speak with a lisp; whizz; lisp; whoosh; rustle)
    fluisteren; lispelen; sissen
    • fluisteren verb (fluister, fluistert, fluisterde, fluisterden, gefluisterd)
    • lispelen verb (lispel, lispelt, lispelde, lispelden, gelispeld)
    • sissen verb (sis, sist, siste, sisten, gesist)
  2. to whisper (exchange confidences)
    fluisteren; smoezen; smiespelen
    • fluisteren verb (fluister, fluistert, fluisterde, fluisterden, gefluisterd)
    • smoezen verb (smoes, smoest, smoesde, smoesden, gesmoesd)
    • smiespelen verb (smiespel, smiespelt, smiespelde, smiespelden, gesmiespeld)
  3. to whisper (prompt; tell)
    • voorzeggen verb (zeg voor, zegt voor, zei voor, zeiden voor, voorgezegd)
  4. to whisper (whisper in someone's ear; prompt)
    ingeven; influisteren; souffleren
    • ingeven verb (geef in, geeft in, gaf in, gaven in, ingegeven)
    • influisteren verb (fluister in, fluistert in, fluisterde in, fluisterden in, ingefluisterd)
    • souffleren verb (souffleer, souffleert, souffleerde, souffleerden, gesouffleerd)

Conjugations for whisper:

  1. whisper
  2. whisper
  3. whispers
  4. whisper
  5. whisper
  6. whisper
simple past
  1. whispered
  2. whispered
  3. whispered
  4. whispered
  5. whispered
  6. whispered
present perfect
  1. have whispered
  2. have whispered
  3. has whispered
  4. have whispered
  5. have whispered
  6. have whispered
past continuous
  1. was whispering
  2. were whispering
  3. was whispering
  4. were whispering
  5. were whispering
  6. were whispering
  1. shall whisper
  2. will whisper
  3. will whisper
  4. shall whisper
  5. will whisper
  6. will whisper
continuous present
  1. am whispering
  2. are whispering
  3. is whispering
  4. are whispering
  5. are whispering
  6. are whispering
  1. be whispered
  2. be whispered
  3. be whispered
  4. be whispered
  5. be whispered
  6. be whispered
  1. whisper!
  2. let's whisper!
  3. whispered
  4. whispering
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

whisper [the ~] noun

  1. the whisper (whispering)
    het gefluister; de fluistering

Translation Matrix for whisper:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
fluistering whisper; whispering
gefluister whisper; whispering
smoezen excuses; poor excuses; pretexts
- rustle; rustling; susurration; voicelessness; whispering
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
fluisteren exchange confidences; lisp; rustle; speak with a lisp; whisper; whizz; whoosh
influisteren prompt; whisper; whisper in someone's ear
ingeven prompt; whisper; whisper in someone's ear administer; advise; apply; dictate; inspire; nurse; order; pour in; prompt; strike into; suggest
lispelen lisp; rustle; speak with a lisp; whisper; whizz; whoosh
sissen lisp; rustle; speak with a lisp; whisper; whizz; whoosh
smiespelen exchange confidences; whisper
smoezen exchange confidences; whisper
souffleren prompt; whisper; whisper in someone's ear
voorzeggen prompt; tell; whisper

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Related Definitions for "whisper":

  1. speaking softly without vibration of the vocal cords1
  2. a light noise, like the noise of silk clothing or leaves blowing in the wind1
  3. speak softly; in a low voice1

Wiktionary Translations for whisper:

  1. the act of speaking in a quiet voice
  1. to talk in a quiet voice
  1. spreken met gedempte stem

Cross Translation:
whisper fluisteren flüstern — mit gesenkter, leiser Stimme sprechen
whisper fluisteren; smoezelen; smoezen chuchoterparler bas et mystérieusement, en remuant à peine les lèvres.

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