Detailed Translations for demonstrate from English to Swedish


to demonstrate verb (demonstrates, demonstrated, demonstrating)

  1. to demonstrate (prove; verify; justify)
    demonstrera; bevisa; belägga; verifiera
    • demonstrera verb (demonstrerar, demonstrerade, demonstrerat)
    • bevisa verb (bevisar, bevisade, bevisat)
    • belägga verb (belägger, belade, belagt)
    • verifiera verb (verifierar, verifierade, verifierat)
  2. to demonstrate (show what you mean; expose; illustrate; make your point)
    visa vad du menar; demonstrera
    • visa vad du menar verb (visar vad du menar, visade vad du menar, visat vad du menar)
    • demonstrera verb (demonstrerar, demonstrerade, demonstrerat)
  3. to demonstrate (assert; contend)
    demonstera; visa; förklara
    • demonstera verb (demonsterar, demonsterade, demonsterat)
    • visa verb (visar, visade, visat)
    • förklara verb (förklarar, förklarade, förklarat)
  4. to demonstrate (express; reveal; exhibit; )
    medge; tillstå
    • medge verb (medger, medge, medgivit)
    • tillstå verb (tillstår, tillstod, tillstått)

Conjugations for demonstrate:

  1. demonstrate
  2. demonstrate
  3. demonstrates
  4. demonstrate
  5. demonstrate
  6. demonstrate
simple past
  1. demonstrated
  2. demonstrated
  3. demonstrated
  4. demonstrated
  5. demonstrated
  6. demonstrated
present perfect
  1. have demonstrated
  2. have demonstrated
  3. has demonstrated
  4. have demonstrated
  5. have demonstrated
  6. have demonstrated
past continuous
  1. was demonstrating
  2. were demonstrating
  3. was demonstrating
  4. were demonstrating
  5. were demonstrating
  6. were demonstrating
  1. shall demonstrate
  2. will demonstrate
  3. will demonstrate
  4. shall demonstrate
  5. will demonstrate
  6. will demonstrate
continuous present
  1. am demonstrating
  2. are demonstrating
  3. is demonstrating
  4. are demonstrating
  5. are demonstrating
  6. are demonstrating
  1. be demonstrated
  2. be demonstrated
  3. be demonstrated
  4. be demonstrated
  5. be demonstrated
  6. be demonstrated
  1. demonstrate!
  2. let's demonstrate!
  3. demonstrated
  4. demonstrating
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they


  1. demonstrate (substantiate; prove)

Translation Matrix for demonstrate:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
visa ballad; melody; show; song; tune
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
belägga demonstrate; justify; prove; verify get hold of something; lay one's hands on; secure; seize; take possession of
bevisa demonstrate; justify; prove; verify prove; verify
demonstera assert; contend; demonstrate
demonstrera demonstrate; expose; illustrate; justify; make your point; prove; show what you mean; verify showcase
förklara assert; contend; demonstrate announce; brighten; clarify; clear up; communicate; compute; cover; declare; define; depict; describe; draw up; elaborate; enlighten; explain; expound; express; impart; inform; intimate; make clear; make explicit; make one's opinion known; paraphrase; recount; report; say; state; tell; work out
medge admit; demonstrate; display; exhibit; express; reveal; show admit; hand to; say for
tillstå admit; demonstrate; display; exhibit; express; reveal; show accede; admit; admit the truth; let in
verifiera demonstrate; justify; prove; verify prove; validate; verify
visa assert; contend; demonstrate bring out; display; exhibit; expand; indicate; offer; point; present; produce; show; take out; view
visa vad du menar demonstrate; expose; illustrate; make your point; show what you mean
- attest; certify; demo; establish; evidence; exhibit; manifest; march; present; prove; shew; show
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
belägga fur
bevisa demonstrate; prove; substantiate

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Related Definitions for "demonstrate":

  1. establish the validity of something, as by an example, explanation or experiment1
    • The experiment demonstrated the instability of the compound1
  2. provide evidence for; stand as proof of; show by one's behavior, attitude, or external attributes1
    • This decision demonstrates his sense of fairness1
  3. give an exhibition of to an interested audience1
  4. march in protest; take part in a demonstration1
    • Thousands demonstrated against globalization during the meeting of the most powerful economic nations in Seattle1

Wiktionary Translations for demonstrate:

  1. to show the steps taken to create a logical argument or equation
  2. to display the method of using an object

Cross Translation:
demonstrate demonstrera demonstrierentransitiv: etwas exemplarisch vorführen, zeigen
demonstrate demonstrera demonstrierentransitiv: etwas zur Schau stellen, seine Haltung / die Bedeutung von etwas deutlich aufzeigen
demonstrate demonstrera demonstrierenintransitiv: seine politische Meinung öffentlich in Form einer Demonstration kundtun
demonstrate peka; visa zeigendi(transitiv): jemanden etwas sehen lassen
demonstrate bevisa; attestera; betyga démontrerprouver d’une manière évidente et convaincante.
demonstrate uppvisa; utpeka; kora désigner — Traduction à trier
demonstrate uppvisa; utpeka indiquermontrer, désigner une personne ou une chose.
demonstrate ådagalägga; visa; uppenbara; yttra; visa sig; ådagaläggas; demonstrera manifesterrendre manifeste.
demonstrate uppvisa montrerfaire voir ; exposer aux regards.