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  1. hitch in:


Detailed Translations for hitch in from English to Swedish

hitch in:

to hitch in verb (hitches in, hitched in, hitching in)

  1. to hitch in (hook into)
    haka på i; fånga med hake; haka fast i
    • haka på i verb (hakar på i, hakade på i, hakat på i)
    • fånga med hake verb (fångar med hake, fångade med hake, fångat med hake)
    • haka fast i verb (hakar fast i, hakade fast i, hakat fast i)

Conjugations for hitch in:

  1. hitch in
  2. hitch in
  3. hitches in
  4. hitch in
  5. hitch in
  6. hitch in
simple past
  1. hitched in
  2. hitched in
  3. hitched in
  4. hitched in
  5. hitched in
  6. hitched in
present perfect
  1. have hitched in
  2. have hitched in
  3. has hitched in
  4. have hitched in
  5. have hitched in
  6. have hitched in
past continuous
  1. was hitching in
  2. were hitching in
  3. was hitching in
  4. were hitching in
  5. were hitching in
  6. were hitching in
  1. shall hitch in
  2. will hitch in
  3. will hitch in
  4. shall hitch in
  5. will hitch in
  6. will hitch in
continuous present
  1. am hitching in
  2. are hitching in
  3. is hitching in
  4. are hitching in
  5. are hitching in
  6. are hitching in
  1. be hitched in
  2. be hitched in
  3. be hitched in
  4. be hitched in
  5. be hitched in
  6. be hitched in
  1. hitch in!
  2. let's hitch in!
  3. hitched in
  4. hitching in
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for hitch in:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
fånga med hake hitch in; hook into
haka fast i hitch in; hook into
haka på i hitch in; hook into

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