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Detailed Translations for interpretation from English to Swedish


interpretation [the ~] noun

  1. the interpretation (explanation; elucidation; reading; version)
    förklaring; tydning; tolkning
  2. the interpretation (way of thinking; perspective; point of view; )
  3. the interpretation


  1. interpretation

Translation Matrix for interpretation:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
förklaring elucidation; explanation; interpretation; reading; version briefing; commentary; declaration; decree; elucidation; explanation; glorification; idolizing; information; instruction; legend; paraphrase; particulars
tankesätt angle; aspect; attitude; conception; idea; interpretation; notion; opinion; outlook; perspective; point of view; reading; stand; version; view; vision; way of thinking awareness; mind; range of ideas; realm of thought; reason; way of thinking
tolkning elucidation; explanation; interpretation; reading; version interpreting
tydning elucidation; explanation; interpretation; reading; version
- interpreting; reading; rendering; rendition; version
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
interpretation interpretation

Related Words for "interpretation":

  • reinterpretation, interpretations

Synonyms for "interpretation":

Related Definitions for "interpretation":

  1. the act of interpreting something as expressed in an artistic performance1
  2. an explanation of something that is not immediately obvious1
    • the edict was subject to many interpretations1
  3. a mental representation of the meaning or significance of something1
  4. an explanation that results from interpreting something1
    • the report included his interpretation of the forensic evidence1

Wiktionary Translations for interpretation:

Cross Translation:
interpretation tolkning; uttydning; tydning DeutungVersuch, den tieferen Sinn einer Sache zu begreifen
interpretation tolkning; interpretation Interpretation — Versuch, den einem Sachverhalt innewohnenden Sinn zu erschließen
interpretation interpretation InterpretationVersuch, die Bedeutung zu erschließen, die in einem geistigen Produkt (Kunstwerk, Text) stecken
interpretation tolkning interprétationaction d’interpréter ou résultat de cette action.

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