Detailed Translations for SIP from Spanish to English



  1. SIP (Protocolo de inicio de sesión)
    the Session Initiation Protocol; the SIP
    – A standard signaling protocol for establishing multi-media communications sessions between two or more users over an IP network. 1
  2. SIP (panel de entrada)
    the SIP; the input panel; the software input panel
    – A software accessory that enables you to use a variety of direct input methods (such as handwriting, speech, touch, stylus, gestures, and so on) to interact with Windows-based programs. An input panel can include a writing pad and a character pad to convert handwriting into typed text or mathematical equations, and an on-screen keyboard to enter individual characters. 1

Translation Matrix for SIP:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
SIP Protocolo de inicio de sesión; SIP; panel de entrada
Session Initiation Protocol Protocolo de inicio de sesión; SIP
input panel SIP; panel de entrada
software input panel SIP; panel de entrada