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Detailed Translations for camposanto from Spanish to English


camposanto [el ~] noun

  1. el camposanto (cama; lecho; litera)
    the lair; the bedstead; the sleeping-place; the place to sleep
    the bed
    – a piece of furniture that provides a place to sleep 1
    • bed [the ~] noun
      • he sat on the edge of the bed1
      • the room had only a bed and chair1
  2. el camposanto (cementerio)
    the cemetery; the graveyard; the churchyard; the church yard

Translation Matrix for camposanto:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bed cama; camposanto; lecho; litera arriate; cama; canapé; cuadro; lecho; litera; macizo; marcizo; sofá
bedstead cama; camposanto; lecho; litera arriate; cama; lecho; litera; macizo
cemetery camposanto; cementerio cementerio
church yard camposanto; cementerio
churchyard camposanto; cementerio
graveyard camposanto; cementerio
lair cama; camposanto; lecho; litera cabaña; caseta de animal; casilla; gallinero; garita; jaula; lóculo; masilla; pegamento; pocilga; recuadro; taquilla; trastero; zahurda; zaquizamí
place to sleep cama; camposanto; lecho; litera alojamiento; arriate; lecho; litera; macizo; sitio para dormir
sleeping-place cama; camposanto; lecho; litera
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bed poner en la cama

Related Words for "camposanto":

  • camposantos

Wiktionary Translations for camposanto:

Cross Translation:
camposanto cemetery; graveyard Friedhof — Ort (oft neben einer Kirche) zur Bestattung Verstorbener
camposanto cemetery; graveyard; boneyard cimetièrelieu où l’on enterrer les morts.