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Detailed Translations for cementerio from Spanish to English


cementerio [el ~] noun

  1. el cementerio (camposanto)
    the cemetery; the graveyard; the churchyard; the church yard
  2. el cementerio
    the grave field
  3. el cementerio
    the cemetery

Translation Matrix for cementerio:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
cemetery camposanto; cementerio
church yard camposanto; cementerio
churchyard camposanto; cementerio
grave field cementerio
graveyard camposanto; cementerio

Related Words for "cementerio":

Synonyms for "cementerio":

  • necrópolis; enterramientos

Wiktionary Translations for cementerio:

  1. final storage place for collections of things no longer used
  2. tract of land in which the dead are buried

Cross Translation:
cementerio graveyard; cemetery kerkhof — terrein waar overledenen begraven worden
cementerio cemetery; graveyard Friedhof — Ort (oft neben einer Kirche) zur Bestattung Verstorbener
cementerio cemetery; graveyard; boneyard cimetièrelieu où l’on enterrer les morts.

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