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Detailed Translations for host from Spanish to English



  1. host
    the host
    – A computer that acts as a source of information or signals. The host computer provides services, such as news, mail, or data, to computers that connect to it. The term can refer to almost any kind of computer, from a centralized mainframe that is a host to its terminals, to a server that is host to its clients, to a desktop PC that is host to its devices, such as printers and scanners. 1
  2. host
    the host
    – Any device on a TCP/IP network that has an Internet Protocol (IP) address. Examples of hosts include servers, workstations, network-interface print devices, and routers. Sometimes used to refer to a specific network computer that is running a service used by network or remote clients., For Network Load Balancing, a cluster consists of multiple hosts connected over a local area network (LAN). 1
  3. host
    the host
    – In the .NET Framework add-in programming model, a host application assembly that communicates with an add-in over the communication pipeline. 1
  4. host (host de máquina virtual)
    the host; the virtual machine host
    – A physical computer that is running virtualization software, such as Hyper-V, on which virtual machines can be deployed. 1

Translation Matrix for host:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
host host; host de máquina virtual anfitrión; dueño de la posada; ejército; guía; hueste; huésped; mesonero; patrón; presentador
virtual machine host host; host de máquina virtual