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Detailed Translations for marcador from Spanish to English


marcador [el ~] noun

  1. el marcador
    the marker
  2. el marcador
    the scoreboard
  3. el marcador
  4. el marcador
    the marker
    – A text string that is associated with a designated time in Windows Media-based content. Markers often denote convenient points to begin playback, such as the start of a new scene. 1
  5. el marcador
    the pushpin
    – A user-applied location marker that can be annotated and saved to a collection. 1
  6. el marcador
    the marker
    – A visual indicator that identifies a data point. In a map report, a marker is the visual indicator that identifies the location of each point on the point layer. 1
  7. el marcador
    the dialer
    – An electronic device attached to a telephone to call preselected numbers automatically when activated 1
  8. el marcador
    the hole
    – An unspecified part of an F# expression that must be provided later for the expression to be usable. 1
  9. el marcador (dial)
    the dial
  10. el marcador (delimitador)
    the anchor; the bookmark
    – A location or selection of text in a file that you name for reference purposes. Bookmarks identify a location within your file that you can later refer or link to. 1

Translation Matrix for marcador:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
anchor delimitador; marcador ancla; anclaje del objeto; apoyo; canecillo; sostén
bookmark delimitador; marcador favorito; marcapáginas
dial dial; marcador esfera
dialer marcador marcador clandestino
hole marcador abertura; agujerito; agujero; ano; bache; boquete; brecha; cabaña; caseta de animal; casilla; cueva; entalladura; escape; escopladura; excavación; filtración; fosa; foso; fuga; gallinero; garita; gotera; hoya; hoyo; hueco; jaula; lóculo; masilla; muesca; nidada; nido; pegamento; pocilga; pozo; punción; recuadro; taquilla; trastero; vía de agua; zahurda; zaquizamí
marker marcador rotulador
pushpin marcador
scoreboard marcador
stamping-machine marcador
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
anchor amarrar; anclar; atar; delimitador; echar el ancla; fondear
dial marcar
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
dial marcar

Related Words for "marcador":

  • marcadores, marcadora, marcadoras

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Wiktionary Translations for marcador:

  1. record of the address of a file or page