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Detailed Translations for responsabilidad from Spanish to English


responsabilidad [la ~] noun

  1. la responsabilidad
    the responsibility; the liability
  2. la responsabilidad
    the liability
  3. la responsabilidad
    the responsibility
    – An obligation of a party to perform an assigned job and to be held accountable for the outcome of the results. 1

Translation Matrix for responsabilidad:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
liability responsabilidad pasivo
responsibility responsabilidad justificación

Synonyms for "responsabilidad":

Wiktionary Translations for responsabilidad:

  1. debt
  2. responsibility, onus
  3. state of being accountable
  4. the state of being responsible
  5. a duty, obligation or liability for which someone is responsible

Cross Translation:
responsabilidad responsibility verantwoording — de verplichting om ervoor te zorgen dat iets goed verloopt
responsabilidad responsibility verantwoordelijkheid — de verplichting om ervoor te zorgen dat iets goed verloopt
responsabilidad liability aansprakelijkheid — verantwoordelijkheid, vervolgbaarheid
responsabilidad guarantee; liability HaftungRecht, nur Einzahl: die rechtliche Belangbarkeit
responsabilidad responsibility Verantwortung — (Selbst-)Verpflichtung für eine Sache oder Person; Bereitschaft, für seine Handlungen einzustehen
responsabilidad responsibility responsabilitéobligation de répondre de ses actions ou de celui des autres, d’être garant de quelque chose.

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