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Detailed Translations for responsable from Spanish to English


Translation Matrix for responsable:

AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
accountable responsable
answerable responsable
compos mentis responsable
liable responsable
responsible responsable

Related Words for "responsable":

  • responsables

Wiktionary Translations for responsable:

  1. having responsibility
  2. capable of being answered or refuted; admitting a satisfactory answer
  3. obliged to answer; liable to be called to account; liable to pay, indemnify, or make good
  4. Having accountability
  1. person or organisation with a legitimate interest

Cross Translation:
responsable responsible verantwoordelijk — iets met extra verplichtingen of moeilijkheden om het goed te laten lopen
responsable responsible; liable aansprakelijk — verantwoordelijk, om vergoeding of betaling aangesproken kunnen worden
responsable responsible verantwortlich — eine Verantwortung für etwas habend, für etwas zuständig seiend
responsable responsible; accountable; corresponding; counterpart; compatible; congruent correspondant — Qui correspondre à quelque chose.

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