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Detailed Translations for sofá from Spanish to English


sofá [el ~] noun

  1. el sofá (canapé)
    the sofa; the settee; the couch
  2. el sofá (sillón)
    the couch
  3. el sofá (banco; canapé; banquillo; diván)
    the settee; the sofa
  4. el sofá
    the couch; the lounge
  5. el sofá (canapé; cama)
    the couch; the settee; the bed
  6. el sofá (canapé; sofá cama; diván)
    the bunk-bed; the settee-bed; the bunk

Translation Matrix for sofá:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bed cama; canapé; sofá arriate; cama; camposanto; cuadro; lecho; litera; macizo; marcizo
bunk canapé; diván; sofá; sofá cama despedirse a la francesa; litera
bunk-bed canapé; diván; sofá; sofá cama
couch cama; canapé; sillón; sofá asiento; banco; butaca; plaza; sesión; silla; sillón
lounge sofá
settee banco; banquillo; cama; canapé; diván; sofá
settee-bed canapé; diván; sofá; sofá cama
sofa banco; banquillo; canapé; diván; sofá
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bed poner en la cama
lounge barzonear; callejear; deambular; hacer una parada; pasear lentamente; pasearse; vagar

Wiktionary Translations for sofá:

  1. furniture for seating
  2. long seat
  3. upholstered seat

Cross Translation:
sofá sofa; couch canapé — Sorte de siège long à dossier

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