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Detailed Translations for goulu from French to German


goulu [le ~] noun

  1. le goulu (goinfre; gourmand; glouton)
    der Freßsack; der Vielfraß; der Nimmersatt

Translation Matrix for goulu:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Freßsack glouton; goinfre; goulu; gourmand bon gros; boulot; boulotte; gros lard; gros pataud; gros plein de soupe; grosse dondon; patapouf
Nimmersatt glouton; goinfre; goulu; gourmand
Vielfraß glouton; goinfre; goulu; gourmand

Synonyms for "goulu":

Wiktionary Translations for goulu:

  1. Qui aime à manger, qui mange avec avidité.

Cross Translation:
goulu gefräßig; unersättlich gluttonous — given to excessive eating; prone to overeating
goulu gierig; unersättlich; verfressen gluttonous — greedy
goulu Gourmand; Schlemmerin; Schlemmer; Vielfraß gourmand — a person given to excess in the consumption of food and drink. A greedy or ravenous eater; a glutton