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Detailed Translations for paquet from French to English


paquet [le ~] noun

  1. le paquet (paquet-poste; boîte; colis postal; )
    the parcel
  2. le paquet (ballot; bourse; emballage; )
    the bale
  3. le paquet (vagin; colis; petit cadeau; )
    the little box; the vagina
  4. le paquet
    the packet
    – An Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) network layer transmission unit that consists of binary information representing both data and a header containing an identification number, source and destination addresses, and error-control data. 1
  5. le paquet
    the packet
    – A unit of information transmitted from one computer or device to another on a network. 1
  6. le paquet
    the parcel
    – Any set of files that is transferred from one site to another with Courier Sender. Parcels are created in Courier Sender Manager. 1

Translation Matrix for paquet:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bale balle; ballot; bourse; emballage; empaquetage; paquet; peloton
little box colis; paquet; petit cadeau; petit paquet; petite boîte; vagin; écrin baguier; petite boîte; écrin
packet paquet
parcel boîte; carton; colis postal; emballage; empaquetage; paquet; paquet-poste; tranche domaine; lot; lotissement; parcelle; parcelle de terrain; parcellement; partie; quantité; terrain; terrain à bâtir
vagina colis; paquet; petit cadeau; petit paquet; petite boîte; vagin; écrin
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bale cartonner; couvrir; emballer; empaqueter; envelopper; faire ses malles; faire un paquet de; recouvrir

Synonyms for "paquet":

Wiktionary Translations for paquet:

  1. emballage, colis, regroupant plusieurs choses.
  1. group, set, or unit
  2. a large number or amount
  3. something which is packed
  4. vessel to convey mail
  5. small fragment of data
  6. package wrapped for shipment
  7. informal: dismissal from employment
  8. substantial pile (normally of money)

Cross Translation:
paquet load; lots Ladung — (umgangssprachlich) eine größere Menge
paquet packet PaketVerpackung eines oder mehrerer Gegenstände zum Schutz, zu Zwecken der Bündelung, der Steigerung des Überraschungseffekts, des Scherzeffektes
paquet packet PaketEinheit eines Transferprotokolls

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