Detailed Translations for fringe from English to Dutch


fringe [the ~] noun

  1. the fringe (bang)
    de haardracht; de pony
  2. the fringe (frills; trimmings; ravel; trimming)
  3. the fringe (lace; border; rim; )
    de tres; de galon; de omzoming
  4. the fringe (trim; border; trimming)
    de omzoming; oplegsel; het passement; de galon; het boordsel

fringe verb

  1. fringe (hem; seam; border; edge)
    • zomen verb (zoom, zoomt, zoomde, zoomden, gezoomd)

Translation Matrix for fringe:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
boordsel border; fringe; trim; trimming
franje frills; fringe; ravel; trimming; trimmings fuss
galon border; braid; fringe; lace; ribbon; rim; tress; trim; trimming
haardracht bang; fringe
omzoming border; braid; fringe; lace; ribbon; rim; tress; trim; trimming
oplegsel border; fringe; trim; trimming
passement border; fringe; trim; trimming edging; passementerie; trimming
pony bang; fringe
tres border; braid; fringe; lace; ribbon; rim; tress; trimming
versiering van rafels frills; fringe; ravel; trimming; trimmings
zomen borders; brims; hems
- bang; interference fringe; outer boundary; outskirt; periphery
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
zomen border; edge; fringe; hem; seam
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- border; edge; ouskirts; outer edge; outlying land; verge

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Related Definitions for "fringe":

  1. an ornamental border consisting of short lengths of hanging threads or tassels1
  2. a border of hair that is cut short and hangs across the forehead1
  3. a social group holding marginal or extreme views1
    • members of the fringe believe we should be armed with guns at all times1
  4. a part of the city far removed from the center1
  5. one of the light or dark bands produced by the interference and diffraction of light1
  6. the outside boundary or surface of something1
  7. decorate with or as if with a surrounding fringe1
    • fur fringed the hem of the dress1
  8. adorn with a fringe1
    • The weaver fringed the scarf1

Wiktionary Translations for fringe:

  1. to decorate with fringe
  2. to serve as a fringe
  1. light or dark band formed by the diffraction of light
  2. the periphery of a city
  3. members of a social group holding unorthodox views
  4. peripheral part
  5. a decorative border
  1. outside the mainstream

Cross Translation:
fringe franje frange — bordure effilochée décorative

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