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Detailed Translations for adore from English to Spanish


to adore verb (adores, adored, adoring)

  1. to adore (love; be fond of)
    querer; amar; mantener
  2. to adore (worship; glorify; idolize; idolise)
  3. to adore (pray to; worship; looking exalted)

Conjugations for adore:

  1. adore
  2. adore
  3. adores
  4. adore
  5. adore
  6. adore
simple past
  1. adored
  2. adored
  3. adored
  4. adored
  5. adored
  6. adored
present perfect
  1. have adored
  2. have adored
  3. has adored
  4. have adored
  5. have adored
  6. have adored
past continuous
  1. was adoring
  2. were adoring
  3. was adoring
  4. were adoring
  5. were adoring
  6. were adoring
  1. shall adore
  2. will adore
  3. will adore
  4. shall adore
  5. will adore
  6. will adore
continuous present
  1. am adoring
  2. are adoring
  3. is adoring
  4. are adoring
  5. are adoring
  6. are adoring
  1. be adored
  2. be adored
  3. be adored
  4. be adored
  5. be adored
  6. be adored
  1. adore!
  2. let's adore!
  3. adored
  4. adoring
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for adore:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
enaltecer adoring; glorifying; looking exalted; worship
glorificar adoring; glorifying; looking exalted; worship
mantener maintaining
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
admirar adore; glorify; idolise; idolize; worship admire; be reluctant; cherish; dread; fear; look up to; respect
adorar adore; glorify; idolise; idolize; looking exalted; pray to; worship
amar adore; be fond of; love love
enaltecer adore; glorify; idolise; idolize; worship exalt; romanticise; romanticize; see through rose coloured spectacles
glorificar adore; glorify; idolise; idolize; worship commend; esteem; esteem highly; exalt; extol; glorify; have a high regard for; hold in great esteem; honor; honour; pay deference to; praise; respect; romanticise; romanticize; see through rose coloured spectacles; show respect for; value highly
mantener adore; be fond of; love aid someone financially; back someone; continue; don't let go of; hold; insist; keep; keep up; maintain; not revoke; not take back; provide for; render permanent; retain; support
querer adore; be fond of; love ache to; covet; crave; desire; have one's heart set on; have to; hope; languish; like to; long; long for; love; must; need; pine; to want something very badly; want; will; wish; yearn
venerar adore; looking exalted; pray to; worship

Related Words for "adore":

Synonyms for "adore":

Related Definitions for "adore":

  1. love intensely1
    • he just adored his wife1

Wiktionary Translations for adore:

  1. love with entire heart and soul
  2. worship

Cross Translation:
adore venerar; adorar aanbidden — bidden tot een God of heilige
adore adorar; idolatrar anbeten — in besonderem Maße bewundern, übertrieben verehren
adore entusiasmarse; morirse schwärmenfür etwas oder jemanden schwärmen: sich für etwas oder jemanden außerordentlich begeistern
adore adorar verehren — (transitiv) jemandem mit großer Hochachtung und Bewunderung begegnen
adore adorar adorer — (religion) honorer une divinité en lui rendre le culte qui lui devoir.
adore adorar idolâtreraimer avec excès quelqu’un ou quelque chose.
adore adorar vénérer — Rendre un culte à un dieu, à un saint ou à des choses saintes ou sacrées ; adorer.