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Detailed Translations for affirmative from English to Spanish


affirmative adj

  1. affirmative (in accordance with; in conformity with)

Translation Matrix for affirmative:

AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- affirmatory; approbative; approbatory; approving; optimistic; plausive
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
afirmativo affirmative; in accordance with; in conformity with

Related Words for "affirmative":

  • affirmatively

Synonyms for "affirmative":

Antonyms for "affirmative":

Related Definitions for "affirmative":

  1. affirming or giving assent1
    • an affirmative decision1
    • affirmative votes1
  2. expressing or manifesting praise or approval1
    • an affirmative nod1
  3. expecting the best1
    • an affirmative outlook1
  4. a reply of affirmation1
    • he answered in the affirmative1

Wiktionary Translations for affirmative:

  1. An answer that shows agreement or acceptance
  1. positive
  2. pertaining to truth

Cross Translation:
affirmative afirmativo affirmativgehoben: Zustimmung/Affirmation erkennen lassend
affirmative afirmativo affirmatif — Qui affirmer.
affirmative definitivo définitif — Qui régler, fixer de manière qu’on n’y devoir plus revenir.
affirmative positivo positif — Qui est certain, constant, sûr.