Detailed Translations for assertion from English to Spanish


assertion [the ~] noun

  1. the assertion (statement)
    la proposición; la tesis; la aserción; la afirmación; el aserto; la teoría; el teorema; la aseveración
  2. the assertion (conservation; preservation; maintenance)
    el mantenimiento; la conservación; la mantención; la preservación
  3. the assertion (claim; assert; statement)
    la aserción; el aserto; la afirmacion; la alegación

Translation Matrix for assertion:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
afirmacion assert; assertion; claim; statement
afirmación assertion; statement affirmation; confirmation; enunciation; expression; installation; placement; positioning; pronunciation; utterance
alegación assert; assertion; claim; statement
aserción assert; assertion; claim; statement
aserto assert; assertion; claim; statement
aseveración assertion; statement affirmation; confirmation; enunciation; pronunciation
conservación assertion; conservation; maintenance; preservation maintenance; preservation; upkeep
mantención assertion; conservation; maintenance; preservation
mantenimiento assertion; conservation; maintenance; preservation aid; assistance; conversation; dialogue; health; help; interview; keep up; maintenance; preservation; support; talk; upkeep
preservación assertion; conservation; maintenance; preservation
proposición assertion; statement bargain; bid; bill; fore-carriage; motion; offer; proposal; proposition; request; special offer; suggestion
teorema assertion; statement postulate; premise; thesis
teoría assertion; statement hypotheses; hypothesis; postulate; premise; theory; thesis
tesis assertion; statement hypotheses; lecture; paper; postulate; premise; project; theses; thesis
- affirmation; asseveration; averment; statement

Related Words for "assertion":

  • reassertion

Synonyms for "assertion":

Related Definitions for "assertion":

  1. a declaration that is made emphatically (as if no supporting evidence were necessary)1
  2. the act of affirming or asserting or stating something1
  3. A Boolean statement used in a program to test a condition that, if the program is operating correctly, should always evaluate as true; otherwise the program will typically terminate with an appropriate error message. Assertions are used for debugging programs and for documenting how a program should operate.2

Wiktionary Translations for assertion:

  1. statement asserted

Cross Translation:
assertion aserción; afirmación; aseveración AssertionPhilosophie, Linguistik: bestimmte, feststellende Behauptung, Feststellung oder Versicherung, bei der ohne jede Begründung etwas als wahr behauptet oder geleugnet wird
assertion aserción AssertionInformatik: Zusicherung oder Annahme über den Zustand von Variablen innerhalb einer Programmiersprache oder eines Entwicklungstools
assertion aserción assertieverzekering, bewering
assertion aserción assertionproposition qu’on avancer et qu’on soutenir comme vraie.