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Detailed Translations for exaggerate from English to Spanish


to exaggerate verb (exaggerates, exaggerated, exaggerating)

  1. to exaggerate (blow out of proportions; blow up; overdo)
  2. to exaggerate (blow up; overdo; heighten)
  3. to exaggerate (expand)

Conjugations for exaggerate:

  1. exaggerate
  2. exaggerate
  3. exaggerates
  4. exaggerate
  5. exaggerate
  6. exaggerate
simple past
  1. exaggerated
  2. exaggerated
  3. exaggerated
  4. exaggerated
  5. exaggerated
  6. exaggerated
present perfect
  1. have exaggerated
  2. have exaggerated
  3. has exaggerated
  4. have exaggerated
  5. have exaggerated
  6. have exaggerated
past continuous
  1. was exaggerating
  2. were exaggerating
  3. was exaggerating
  4. were exaggerating
  5. were exaggerating
  6. were exaggerating
  1. shall exaggerate
  2. will exaggerate
  3. will exaggerate
  4. shall exaggerate
  5. will exaggerate
  6. will exaggerate
continuous present
  1. am exaggerating
  2. are exaggerating
  3. is exaggerating
  4. are exaggerating
  5. are exaggerating
  6. are exaggerating
  1. be exaggerated
  2. be exaggerated
  3. be exaggerated
  4. be exaggerated
  5. be exaggerated
  6. be exaggerated
  1. exaggerate!
  2. let's exaggerate!
  3. exaggerated
  4. exaggerating
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for exaggerate:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
abultar blow up; exaggerate; heighten; overdo bulge; bulge out; pop
engrosar blow out of proportions; blow up; exaggerate; overdo
exagerar blow out of proportions; blow up; exaggerate; heighten; overdo
hablar largo y tendido exaggerate; expand
- amplify; hyperbolise; hyperbolize; magnify; overdo; overdraw; overstate

Related Words for "exaggerate":

Synonyms for "exaggerate":

Antonyms for "exaggerate":

  • understate

Related Definitions for "exaggerate":

  1. to enlarge beyond bounds or the truth1
    • tended to romanticize and exaggerate this `gracious Old South' imagery1
  2. do something to an excessive degree1

Wiktionary Translations for exaggerate:

  1. to overstate, to describe more than is fact

Cross Translation:
exaggerate abultar; exagerar overdrijven — de feiten groter, kleiner, mooier of slechter voorstellen dan ze zijn
exaggerate exagerar outrierengehoben, (transitiv) übertrieben darstellen, in etwas übertreiben
exaggerate exagérar übertreiben — einen Sachverhalt in einer Weise darstellen, dass er mehr einer Eigenschaft besitzt als in Wirklichkeit