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Detailed Translations for fabric from English to Spanish


fabric [the ~] noun

  1. the fabric (textiles; fabrics; textile)
    el productos textiles; el tejidos; la tela
  2. the fabric (cloth; textile)
    la confección; el tejido; la palabra compuesta

Translation Matrix for fabric:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
confección cloth; fabric; textile brand; construction; creating; creation; make; making; manufacture; off-the-peg clothes; production; ready made clothes; ready to wear clothes; ready-made clothes
palabra compuesta cloth; fabric; textile composition
productos textiles fabric; fabrics; textile; textiles
tejido cloth; fabric; textile cloth; clothing material; cobweb; spider's web; tissue; web
tejidos fabric; fabrics; textile; textiles
tela fabric; fabrics; textile; textiles cleaning-rag; cloth; clothing material; linen; piece of cloth; polishing-cloth; remains; sheet; tail-end; tissue; web
- cloth; framework; material; textile
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- web; woven fabric
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
tejido knitted; woven

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Synonyms for "fabric":

Related Definitions for "fabric":

  1. artifact made by weaving or felting or knitting or crocheting natural or synthetic fibers1
    • the fabric in the curtains was light and semitransparent1
  2. the underlying structure1
    • it is part of the fabric of society1

Wiktionary Translations for fabric:

  1. material made of fibers

Cross Translation:
fabric tejido; tela Gewebe — aus einem Garn hergestellter Stoff
fabric estructura structuremanière dont un édifice bâtir.
fabric tejido tissu — Matériau constitué de fils entrelacés.

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