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  1. make glad:


Detailed Translations for make glad from English to Spanish

make glad:

to make glad verb (makes glad, made glad, making glad)

  1. to make glad (gladden)

Conjugations for make glad:

  1. make glad
  2. make glad
  3. makes glad
  4. make glad
  5. make glad
  6. make glad
simple past
  1. made glad
  2. made glad
  3. made glad
  4. made glad
  5. made glad
  6. made glad
present perfect
  1. have made glad
  2. have made glad
  3. has made glad
  4. have made glad
  5. have made glad
  6. have made glad
past continuous
  1. was making glad
  2. were making glad
  3. was making glad
  4. were making glad
  5. were making glad
  6. were making glad
  1. shall make glad
  2. will make glad
  3. will make glad
  4. shall make glad
  5. will make glad
  6. will make glad
continuous present
  1. am making glad
  2. are making glad
  3. is making glad
  4. are making glad
  5. are making glad
  6. are making glad
  1. be made glad
  2. be made glad
  3. be made glad
  4. be made glad
  5. be made glad
  6. be made glad
  1. make glad!
  2. let's make glad!
  3. made glad
  4. making glad
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for make glad:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
alegrar gladden; make glad brighten; brighten up; charm; cheer; cheer up; comfort; delight; enchant; fascinate; gladden; make happy; please; ravish
alegrarse gladden; make glad be on the lookout; keep an eye out; look out for; rejoice oneself; watch for; watch out
regocijarse gladden; make glad amuse; divert; entertain

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