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Detailed Translations for myopic from English to Spanish


myopic adj

  1. myopic (nearsighted; short-sighted; near-sighted)
    – unable to see distant objects clearly 1
  2. myopic (short-sighted; near-sighted)

Translation Matrix for myopic:

AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- nearsighted; short; shortsighted; unforesightful
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
corto de vista myopic; near-sighted; nearsighted; short-sighted with imperfect eyesight; with poor eyesight
miope myopic; near-sighted; nearsighted; short-sighted near-sighted; short-sighted

Synonyms for "myopic":

Antonyms for "myopic":

  • farsighted

Related Definitions for "myopic":

  1. lacking foresight or scope1
    • myopic thinking1
  2. unable to see distant objects clearly1

Wiktionary Translations for myopic:

  1. unable to see distant objects unaided

Cross Translation:
myopic miope myopMedizin, Augenheilkunde: kurzsichtig; nur in kurzen Entfernungen scharf sehen könnend
myopic miope myopischAugenheilkunde, Ophthalmologie: kurzsichtig
myopic miope myope — Qui est atteint de myopie