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Detailed Translations for public from English to Spanish


public [the ~] noun

  1. the public (audience; spectators)
    el público; el oyentes; la audiencia

Translation Matrix for public:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
audiencia audience; public; spectators audience; court; court house; court of justice; hearing
oyentes audience; public; spectators
público audience; public; spectators audience; bystander; spectator; theatre-audience; witness
- populace; world
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
abierto public accessible; amenable; approachable; blunt; burst open; candid; courteous; courtly; crude; explicit; fair; frank; frankly; honest; liberal; not closed; open; open-minded; opened; opened up; openly; outspoken; overt; plain; polite; sincere; square; straight; straight ahead; straight on; straightforward; unconcealed; unlocked; unprejudiced
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
en público public
notorio known all over the world; public; widely known apparently; controversial; disreputable; evidently; generally known; infamous; known; notorious; obviously; sensational; stunning; very well known
público public known; wordly wise

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Related Definitions for "public":

  1. affecting the people or community as a whole1
    • the public welfare1
  2. not private; open to or concerning the people as a whole1
    • the public good1
    • public libraries1
    • public funds1
    • public parks1
    • a public scandal1
    • public gardens1
    • performers and members of royal families are public figures1
  3. a body of people sharing some common interest1
    • the reading public1
  4. people in general considered as a whole1
    • he is a hero in the eyes of the public1

Wiktionary Translations for public:

  1. pertaining to people as a whole
  1. people in general

Cross Translation:
public público publiek — wat het publiek aangaat
public público Publikum — Bezeichnung für die Öffentlichkeit, sowie für die Gesamtheit der Zuschauer, Zuhörer, Besucher, etc.
public general; en general allgemein — überall
public público öffentlich — so, dass es jeder benutzen darf
public público public — Qui appartient au peuple dans son entier
public público public — Qui appartient à l'État
public público public — Qui est commun, à l'usage de tous
public público public — Manifeste, connu de tout le monde
public público public — Qui se fait en présence de tout le monde
public público public — Masse de gens non structurée

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