Detailed Translations for pull shut from English to Spanish

pull shut:

to pull shut verb (pulls shut, pulled shut, pulling shut)

  1. to pull shut (shut; close; pull to)

Conjugations for pull shut:

  1. pull shut
  2. pull shut
  3. pulls shut
  4. pull shut
  5. pull shut
  6. pull shut
simple past
  1. pulled shut
  2. pulled shut
  3. pulled shut
  4. pulled shut
  5. pulled shut
  6. pulled shut
present perfect
  1. have pulled shut
  2. have pulled shut
  3. has pulled shut
  4. have pulled shut
  5. have pulled shut
  6. have pulled shut
past continuous
  1. was pulling shut
  2. were pulling shut
  3. was pulling shut
  4. were pulling shut
  5. were pulling shut
  6. were pulling shut
  1. shall pull shut
  2. will pull shut
  3. will pull shut
  4. shall pull shut
  5. will pull shut
  6. will pull shut
continuous present
  1. am pulling shut
  2. are pulling shut
  3. is pulling shut
  4. are pulling shut
  5. are pulling shut
  6. are pulling shut
  1. be pulled shut
  2. be pulled shut
  3. be pulled shut
  4. be pulled shut
  5. be pulled shut
  6. be pulled shut
  1. pull shut!
  2. let's pull shut!
  3. pulled shut
  4. pulling shut
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for pull shut:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
cerrar blocking; closing
tapar plugging; stopping
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
cerrar close; pull shut; pull to; shut be correct; bind; clearly define; click shut; close; close down; close tight; confine; cut back; define; demarcate; dismiss; draw; drop; end; fence; fence in; fence off; fill in; fill up; lift-lock; limit; lock; map out; mark out; outline; partition off; plug; pull to; put under seal; quell; reduce; screen; seal; shut; slam; stop up; switch off; tie up; trace out; turn off; turn out
cerrar con llave close; pull shut; pull to; shut be correct; click shut; close; draw; lock; shut
cerrar de golpe close; pull shut; pull to; shut click shut; close; draw; push closed; push shut; push to; shut; strike
cerrar herméticamente close; pull shut; pull to; shut bind; close; close tight; demarcate; fence off; plug; put under seal; seal; shut; stop up
cerrarse close; pull shut; pull to; shut become overgrown; click shut; close; draw; shut
sellar close; pull shut; pull to; shut assent; authenticate; certify; confirm; die; notice; put under seal; ratify; seal; signal; stamp; uphold
tapar close; pull shut; pull to; shut bind; blur; close; conceal; cover; cover up; demarcate; disguise; fence in; fence off; fill gaps; fill in; fill up; lock up; mantle; plug; protect; put under seal; quell; seal; shut; slam; stop; stop holes; stop up; tuck in; tuck up; veil

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