Detailed Translations for receive from English to Spanish


to receive verb (receives, received, receiving)

  1. to receive
  2. to receive
    tomar; coger; abordar; tratar; enfocar
  3. to receive (accept; collect)
  4. to receive (contract; get; catch)
  5. to receive (catch on the way; intercept)
  6. to receive (learn; gain; absorb; collect)

Conjugations for receive:

  1. receive
  2. receive
  3. receives
  4. receive
  5. receive
  6. receive
simple past
  1. received
  2. received
  3. received
  4. received
  5. received
  6. received
present perfect
  1. have received
  2. have received
  3. has received
  4. have received
  5. have received
  6. have received
past continuous
  1. was receiving
  2. were receiving
  3. was receiving
  4. were receiving
  5. were receiving
  6. were receiving
  1. shall receive
  2. will receive
  3. will receive
  4. shall receive
  5. will receive
  6. will receive
continuous present
  1. am receiving
  2. are receiving
  3. is receiving
  4. are receiving
  5. are receiving
  6. are receiving
  1. be received
  2. be received
  3. be received
  4. be received
  5. be received
  6. be received
  1. receive!
  2. let's receive!
  3. received
  4. receiving
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for receive:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aprender learning; studying
coger having a grip; hold; laying hands on; taking hold of; understanding
conseguir obtaining; winning over
evitar averting; turning away
tomar having a grip; hold
tratar attempting; trying
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
abordar receive board; bring up; broach; broach a subject; catch; clamp; clasp; cut; cut into; down; grab; grasp; grip; initiate; put forward; put on the table; raise; reap; seize; sting; tackle; take hold of; take on; throw up; toss in the air; toss up
aceptar accept; collect; receive abide; accept; acknowledge; adopt; allow; approve; award; comply with; grant; let come; let happen; put up with; submit to; take; take on; take possession of
adquirir absorb; catch; collect; contract; gain; get; learn; receive acquire; buy; come by; gain; get; get hold of; get hold of something; get one's hands on; get the hang of; lay one's hands on; learn; obtain; pick up; procure; purchase; receive for one's portion; secure; seize; seize upon; study; take possession of
apoderarse de absorb; collect; gain; learn; receive acquire; capture; catch; get hold of; get hold of something; get one's hands on; lay one's hands on; obtain; receive for one's portion; secure; seize; seize upon; take possession of
aprender absorb; collect; gain; learn; receive acquire; allocate; allot; assign; bestow on; confer; get the hang of; give; grant; hear; interpellate; interrogate; learn; pick up; practice; practise; question; study; studying; subsidise; subsidize; teach; train
coger catch; contract; get; receive absorb; acquire; admit; cadge; capture; catch; chain; clamp; clasp; collar; collect; enchain; expropriate; filch; gather; get; get hold of; glean; go thieving; grab; grasp; grip; harvest; lap up; lay hold of; lay one's hands on; make off with; mooch; nick; obsess; obtain; obtain by begging; pick; pilfer; pinch; polish off; purloin; put away; reap; rob; seize; seize upon; shackle; sip up; snatch; sneak up on; snitch; startle; steal; surprise; swipe; take; take away; take hold of; take in; take unaware; take up; tattle; trap; twig
conseguir absorb; collect; gain; learn; receive acquire; bring off; cope; fix; get hold of something; lay one's hands on; manage; obtain; pull off; secure; seize; seize upon; take possession of
embolsar receive cash; collect money
embolsarse receive
enfocar receive accomodate; adjust; clarify; enlighten; focalise; focalize; focus; initiate; light out; set; spotlight; start off; tune in
escapar receive avoid; be a slip of the tongue; be freed from; be liberated; break away; come out; duck out; elude; escape; evade; fall vacant; get away; get off; keep out of; make a duck; make a slip; nick; pinch; release; slip; slip quietly into the night; sneak; snitch; squeeze out of it; steal; swerve
escapar de receive avoid; break away; elude; escape; evade; get away; keep out of; swerve
escaparse receive be freed from; be liberated; be off; blow up; break away from; burst out; clear off; come out; desert; do a moonlight flit; elude; evade; fall vacant; get off; go with the wind; make a slip; release; run away; run off; set in; slip; sneak; steal; swerve; walk away; walk off; walk out
evitar receive avert; avoid; elude; evade; get round; keep out; keep out of; meet with objections; nick; pinch; prevent; snitch; steal; swerve
huir receive desert; desert the army; flee; fly
huir de receive flee
huirse de receive
incurrir en catch; contract; get; receive
interceptar catch on the way; intercept; receive tap; trap
recibir absorb; accept; collect; gain; learn; receive abide; accept; acquire; bid welcome; come by; entertain; gain; get hold of something; hail; lay one's hands on; obtain; procure; regale; secure; seize; take; take on; take possession of; welcome
sacar absorb; collect; gain; learn; receive accuse; bail out; bale out; blame; bring out; cheat; discredit; draw up; excerpt; extract; fool; get undone; go short; hold against; play up; play up in a cardgame; pop; pull out; rebuke; reprimand; reproach; show; strike up; take out; tap; trick; undo; unpick; untie
sufrir catch; contract; get; receive bear; carry; carry along; endure; stand; suffer; sustain
tomar receive affect; annex; apply; catch; chain; concern; consume; control; dine; dine out; eat; eat up; employ; enchain; enlist; enrol; enroll; examine; get; gulp; gulp down; hit; hit someone; incorporate; inspect; make use of; move; obsess; seize; shackle; snatch; sneak up on; strike; strike someone; survey; swallow; take in; take over; take unaware; tattle; touch; tread on; tread upon; twig; use; utilise; utilize; view; walk over; walk upon; wine and dine
tratar receive attempt; attend to it; attend to the matter; down; endeavor; endeavour; handle; strive; tackle; take care; treat; try; work on
- encounter; experience; find; get; have; incur; invite; meet; obtain; pick up; take in; welcome
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- accept; answer; meet

Related Words for "receive":

Synonyms for "receive":

Antonyms for "receive":

  • say farewell

Related Definitions for "receive":

  1. convert into sounds or pictures1
    • receive the incoming radio signals1
  2. receive a specified treatment (abstract)1
    • These aspects of civilization do not find expression or receive an interpretation1
    • His movie received a good review1
  3. regard favorably or with disapproval1
    • Her new collection of poems was not well received1
  4. accept as true or valid1
    • He received Christ1
  5. bid welcome to; greet upon arrival1
  6. partake of the Holy Eucharist sacrament1
  7. express willingness to have in one's home or environs1
    • The community warmly received the refugees1
  8. register (perceptual input)1
  9. go through (mental or physical states or experiences)1
    • receive injuries1
  10. receive as a retribution or punishment1
  11. get something; come into possession of1
    • receive payment1
    • receive a gift1
    • receive letters from the front1
  12. have or give a reception1
    • The lady is receiving Sunday morning1
  13. experience as a reaction1
  14. To accept data from an external communications system, such as a local area network (LAN) or a telephone line, and store the data as a file.2

Wiktionary Translations for receive:

  1. get
  2. take possession of

Cross Translation:
receive recibir; obtener toucheren — in ontvangst nemen
receive recibir; acoger ontvangen — het op bezoek krijgen van gasten
receive aceptar; recibir ontvangen — het verkrijgen van zaken zoals loon en berichten
receive encajar incasseren — te verduren krijgen.
receive recibir annehmen — in Empfang nehmen
receive recibir bekommen — (transitiv) etwas empfangen, etwas erhalten, etwas erlangen, etwas (oder einen Zustand) erreichen
receive recibir bekommen — (transitiv) sich einer Person oder Sache bemächtigen
receive recibir bekommen — (transitiv) wie viel ist zu zahlen, was wird gewünscht?
receive aceptar empfangengehoben: etwas erhalten, entgegennehmen oder hinnehmen müssen
receive recibir; obtener erhalten — (transitiv) etwas bekommen
receive aceptar accepter — Traductions à trier suivant le sens
receive admitir admettrerecevoir par choix, faveur ou condescendance.
receive adoptar; ahijar; prohijar; aceptar; admitir; tomar; acoger; recibir; elegir; escoger adopterchoisir quelqu’un pour fils ou pour fille et lui en donner les droits civils en remplir certaines conditions prescrire par la loi.
receive aceptar; admitir; acoger; recibir agréer — Prendre à gré ; recevoir favorablement.
receive recoger recueillir — (vieilli) rassembler les fruits d’une terre, en faire la récolte ; on dit plutôt « récolter ».
receive revestir; enfundar; poner; sobreponer; revocar revêtirpourvoir de vêtements quelqu’un qui en a besoin.
receive padecer souffrirsentir de la douleur.

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