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scale up:

scale up [the ~] noun

  1. the scale up (expansion; increase in scale)
    la expansión; el crecimiento; el desarrollo; el aumento; la ampliación
  2. the scale up (increase in scale)

Translation Matrix for scale up:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ampliación expansion; increase in scale; scale up addition; annex; blow-up; dilatation; enlargement; expansion; extension; growth; increase; magnification; opening up; tumor; tumour; widen
ampliación a escala increase in scale; scale up
aumento expansion; increase in scale; scale up accumulation; ascent; blow-up; enlargement; expansion; extension; going up; growth; heaping up; increase; inventory increase; magnification; piling up; revaluation; rise; rising; stacking; surcharge; tumor; tumour; uplift
crecimiento expansion; increase in scale; scale up ascent; blooming; blossom; boom; development; expansion; full growth; going up; growth; increase; maturity; progression; ripeness; rise; rising; tumor; tumour; uplift; upturn
desarrollo expansion; increase in scale; scale up adverse wind; contrary wind; cultivation; development; diversion; diversionary tactic; education; evolvement; full growth; growth; maturity; objection; opposition; rebellion; red herring; resistance; revolt; riot; ripeness; river source; scenario; screenplay; source; spring
expansión expansion; increase in scale; scale up addition; annex; enlargement; expansion; explosion; expulsion; extension; growth; increase; rise
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aumento jump

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  1. increase proportionally1
    • scale up the model1

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