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seemly adj

  1. seemly

Translation Matrix for seemly:

AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- becoming; comely; comme il faut; decent; decorous
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
conveniente seemly advisable; agreeable; as it should be; becoming; befitting; chaste; civil; civilised; civilized; correct; courteous; cultivated; cultured; desirable; desired; enjoyable; essential; expedient; fitting; gladly seen; impressive; in demand; necessary; nice; pleasant; polite; proper; properly; reasonable; recommendable; respectable; right; sought-after; suitably; wanted; wished for

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Related Definitions for "seemly":

  1. according with custom or propriety1
    • seemly behavior1

Wiktionary Translations for seemly:

  1. appropriate

Cross Translation:
seemly acomodado; adecuado; útil; utilizable; oportuno; cómodo; conveniente; decente convenable — Qui est approprier, qui convient à quelqu’un ou à quelque chose.
seemly sensato; juicioso; cuerdo; acertado; escarcha; conveniente raisonnable — Qui douer de raison, qui a la faculté de raisonner.