Detailed Translations for spite from English to Spanish


spite [the ~] noun

  1. the spite (peevishness; pique; surliness; testiness; tetchiness)
    el resentimiento; el enojo; la irritación
  2. the spite (malice; nastiness)
    la malicia; la mala intención
  3. the spite (jealousy; envy)
    la celosía; la envidia; el rencor; la cortinas; el resentimiento; la persianas; el estor
  4. the spite (resentment)
    la envidia; el celos; el rencor; el resentimiento
  5. the spite (grudge; rancour; resentment; )
    el rencor; el resentimiento

Translation Matrix for spite:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
celos resentment; spite
celosía envy; jealousy; spite
cortinas envy; jealousy; spite envy; jealousy
enojo peevishness; pique; spite; surliness; testiness; tetchiness anger; fury; rage; wrath
envidia envy; jealousy; resentment; spite envy; jealousy
estor envy; jealousy; spite envy; jealousy
irritación peevishness; pique; spite; surliness; testiness; tetchiness anger; annoyance; chagrin; crabbedness; drag; exasperation; grumpiness; indignation; irritability; irritation; nuisance; peevishness; pique; susceptibility; testiness; touchiness; vexation; wrath
mala intención malice; nastiness; spite
malicia malice; nastiness; spite anger; craftiness; cunning; deceitfulness; down to the minutest details; malignity; meanness; nicety; shrewdness; slyness; subtlety; treacherousness; venomousness; viciousness; virulence; wickedness; wrath
persianas envy; jealousy; spite blinds; envy; jealousy; sun screens
rencor envy; grudge; ill-will; jealousy; pique; rancor; rancour; resentment; spite animosity; bitterness; embitterment; enmity; envy; feud; grumpiness; peevishness; rancor; rancour; testiness; vindictiveness
resentimiento envy; grudge; ill-will; jealousy; peevishness; pique; rancor; rancour; resentment; spite; surliness; testiness; tetchiness animosity; bitterness; embitterment; enmity; envy; feud; grumpiness; jealousy; peevishness; rancor; rancour; revenge; testiness
- bitchiness; cattiness; malice; maliciousness; nastiness; spitefulness; venom
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- bruise; hurt; injure; offend; wound

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Related Definitions for "spite":

  1. malevolence by virtue of being malicious or spiteful or nasty1
  2. feeling a need to see others suffer1
  3. hurt the feelings of1

Wiktionary Translations for spite:

  1. ill-will or hatred toward another; a desire to vex or injure

Cross Translation:
spite despecho dépitchagrin mêlé d’un peu de colère, d’irritation.

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