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Detailed Translations for strengthen from English to Spanish


to strengthen verb (strengthens, strengthened, strengthening)

  1. to strengthen (intensify; amplify; invigorate; )
  2. to strengthen (reinforce; intensify; become stronger)
  3. to strengthen (reinforce; fortify)

Conjugations for strengthen:

  1. strengthen
  2. strengthen
  3. strengthens
  4. strengthen
  5. strengthen
  6. strengthen
simple past
  1. strengthened
  2. strengthened
  3. strengthened
  4. strengthened
  5. strengthened
  6. strengthened
present perfect
  1. have strengthened
  2. have strengthened
  3. has strengthened
  4. have strengthened
  5. have strengthened
  6. have strengthened
past continuous
  1. was strengthening
  2. were strengthening
  3. was strengthening
  4. were strengthening
  5. were strengthening
  6. were strengthening
  1. shall strengthen
  2. will strengthen
  3. will strengthen
  4. shall strengthen
  5. will strengthen
  6. will strengthen
continuous present
  1. am strengthening
  2. are strengthening
  3. is strengthening
  4. are strengthening
  5. are strengthening
  6. are strengthening
  1. be strengthened
  2. be strengthened
  3. be strengthened
  4. be strengthened
  5. be strengthened
  6. be strengthened
  1. strengthen!
  2. let's strengthen!
  3. strengthened
  4. strengthening
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for strengthen:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
fortalecer become stronger; fortify; intensify; reinforce; strengthen become hard; consolidate; harden; iron; solidify; steel; strenghten; toughen
fortalecerse become stronger; intensify; reinforce; strengthen become strong
intensificar acumilate; amplify; become stronger; deepen; fortify; intensify; invigorate; reinforce; strengthen
potenciar fortify; reinforce; strengthen
reforzar become stronger; intensify; reinforce; strengthen armor; armour; boost; jack up v; load; make heavier; patch up; pep up; refurbish; reinforce; weight
robustecer fortify; reinforce; strengthen
vigorizar fortify; reinforce; strengthen
- beef up; fortify; tone; tone up

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Synonyms for "strengthen":

Antonyms for "strengthen":

Related Definitions for "strengthen":

  1. give a healthy elasticity to1
  2. gain strength1
    • His body strengthened1
  3. make strong or stronger1
    • This exercise will strengthen your upper body1
    • strengthen the relations between the two countries1

Wiktionary Translations for strengthen:

  1. to make strong or stronger
  2. to animate

Cross Translation:
strengthen robustecer; amplificar; fortalecer versterken — sterker maken
strengthen fortalecer renforcerfortifier ; rendre plus fort.