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Detailed Translations for subconscious from English to Spanish


Translation Matrix for subconscious:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
subconsciente subconsciousness
- subconscious mind
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
inconsciente subconscious; unconscious absent; careless; hasty; heedless; ignorant; imprudent; inconsiderate; irresponsible; not accountable for; out cold; overconfident; premature; rash; reckless; senseless; thoughtless; unconscious; unthinking; unwarranted; without thinking
medio muerto subconscious; unconscious
sin conocimiento subconscious; unconscious out cold; senseless; unconscious
sin sentido subconscious; unconscious meaningless; mindless; out cold; pointless; senseless; unconscious; useless
subconsciente subconscious; unconscious

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Related Definitions for "subconscious":

  1. just below the level of consciousness1
  2. psychic activity just below the level of awareness1

Wiktionary Translations for subconscious:

  1. below the level of consciousness
  1. that part of mind that is not consciously perceived