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Detailed Translations for swede from English to Spanish


swede [the ~] noun

  1. the swede (turnip cabbage; kohlrabi)
    el nabo; el colinabo
  2. the swede (turnip)
    el colinabo

Translation Matrix for swede:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
colinabo kohlrabi; swede; turnip; turnip cabbage
nabo kohlrabi; swede; turnip cabbage
- Brassica napus napobrassica; Swedish turnip; rutabaga; rutabaga plant; swedish turnip; turnip cabbage; yellow turnip

Related Words for "swede":

  • swedes

Synonyms for "swede":

  • Swede; European
  • rutabaga; turnip cabbage; Swedish turnip; rutabaga plant; Brassica napus napobrassica; turnip plant
  • yellow turnip; turnip

Related Definitions for "swede":

  1. the large yellow root of a rutabaga plant used as food1
  2. a cruciferous plant with a thick bulbous edible yellow root1

Wiktionary Translations for swede:

Cross Translation:
swede nabo sueco koolraapBrassica napobrassica, een groente die behoort tot het geslacht kool