Detailed Translations for progress from English to French


progress [the ~] noun

  1. the progress (progression; ascent; increase)
    la progression; le déroulement; le progrès; le cours; le développement; l'avancement

to progress verb (progresses, progressed, progressing)

  1. to progress (improve; make progress)
    améliorer; avancer; progresser; s'améliorer
    • améliorer verb (améliore, améliores, améliorons, améliorez, )
    • avancer verb (avance, avances, avançons, avancez, )
    • progresser verb (progresse, progresses, progressons, progressez, )
  2. to progress (make progress; make head-way)
    progresser; avancer; faire des progrès; faire du chemin
    • progresser verb (progresse, progresses, progressons, progressez, )
    • avancer verb (avance, avances, avançons, avancez, )

Conjugations for progress:

  1. progress
  2. progress
  3. progresses
  4. progress
  5. progress
  6. progress
simple past
  1. progressed
  2. progressed
  3. progressed
  4. progressed
  5. progressed
  6. progressed
present perfect
  1. have progressed
  2. have progressed
  3. has progressed
  4. have progressed
  5. have progressed
  6. have progressed
past continuous
  1. was progressing
  2. were progressing
  3. was progressing
  4. were progressing
  5. were progressing
  6. were progressing
  1. shall progress
  2. will progress
  3. will progress
  4. shall progress
  5. will progress
  6. will progress
continuous present
  1. am progressing
  2. are progressing
  3. is progressing
  4. are progressing
  5. are progressing
  6. are progressing
  1. be progressed
  2. be progressed
  3. be progressed
  4. be progressed
  5. be progressed
  6. be progressed
  1. progress!
  2. let's progress!
  3. progressed
  4. progressing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for progress:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
avancement ascent; increase; progress; progression advancing; climbing up; climbing up in position; making progress; progressing; promotion; push forward; take one's doctoral degree
avancer push forward
cours ascent; increase; progress; progression class; commonness; course; courts; curriculum; dogma; education; instruction; lecture; lesson; lesson hour; play areas; playgrounds; rates; reading; recreation-grounds; religious doctrine; school-yards; stock exchange; study; teaching; tenet; tuition; usualness; version
déroulement ascent; increase; progress; progression roll out; unroll; unrolling; unwinding
développement ascent; increase; progress; progression alteration; altering; boom; change; change of form; changing; civilizing; consequence; conversion; cultivating; cultivation; developing time; development; education; effect; evolvement; full growth; growth; increase in scale; maturity; period of boom; polishing; refining; reformation; remodelling; ripeness; scale up; transformation; transposition
progression ascent; increase; progress; progression ascent; boom; development; full growth; growth; increase; increase in scale; maturity; progression; ripeness; rise; scale up; uplift; upturn
progrès ascent; increase; progress; progression expansion; growth; increase; progresses; rise
s'améliorer advancing; making progress; progressing
- advance; advancement; forward motion; onward motion; procession; progression
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
améliorer improve; make progress; progress better; bring forward; bring to perfection; collect; come round for; complete; correct; ennoble; fetch; finish; get better; improve; make better; perfect; pick up; put straight; rectify; refine; renew; set right; take; take along; take away
avancer improve; make head-way; make progress; progress advance; ascend; assert; be going to; bring forward; bring in; bring in money; bring up; broach; broach a subject; climb; contend; continue; cut into; demonstrate; do as if; express; express oneself; feign; forge ahead; forward; give expression to; go; go on; go onward; impersonate; initiate; intimate; introduce; make a proposal; make progress; march on; move; move on; move up; nominate; postulate; present; pretend; prompt; propel; propose; push forward; put forward; put on the table; raise; reveal oneself; rise; sham; slide in front; speak; step onward; suggest; take it further; talk; to get promoted; utter; ventilate; walk
faire des progrès make head-way; make progress; progress make progress
faire du chemin make head-way; make progress; progress
progresser improve; make head-way; make progress; progress forge ahead; make progress
s'améliorer improve; make progress; progress
- advance; build; build up; come along; come on; get along; get on; go on; march on; move on; pass on; shape up; work up
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
cours course
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- advance; continuation

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Related Definitions for "progress":

  1. gradual improvement or growth or development1
    • great progress in the arts1
  2. the act of moving forward (as toward a goal)1
  3. a movement forward1
    • he listened for the progress of the troops1
  4. develop in a positive way1
    • He progressed well in school1
  5. form or accumulate steadily1
  6. move forward, also in the metaphorical sense1

Wiktionary Translations for progress:

  1. a moving forward
  2. advance or growth of civilization
  1. -
Cross Translation:
progress amélioration; progrès vordering — vooruitgang, progressie
progress avancer vooruitgaan — naar voren gaan
progress progrès Fortschrittgesellschaftliche, positive Entwicklung
progress progrès Fortschrittpersönliche, positive Entwicklung
progress progrès Progress — das Fortschreiten oder das sich Weiterentwickeln
progress progresser; continuer; avancer; procéder fortschreiten — sich weiterentwickeln, Fortschritte machen

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