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Detailed Translations for look like from English to Swedish

look like:

to look like verb (looks like, looked like, looking like)

  1. to look like (seem; appear; look)
    tyckas; verka; se ut att
    • tyckas verb (tycker, tyckte, tyckt)
    • verka verb (verkar, verkade, verkat)
    • se ut att verb (ser ut att, såg ut att, sett ut att)
  2. to look like (bear resemblance to; resemble; seem; be like)
    • likna verb (liknar, liknade, liknat)
  3. to look like (appear; look)
    se ut som; verka vara; lika som
    • se ut som verb (ser ut som, såg ut som, sett ut som)
    • verka vara verb (verkar vara, verkade vara, verkat vara)
    • lika som verb (likar som, likade som, likat som)
  4. to look like (seem)
    tyckas; synas; förefalla; synas vara
    • tyckas verb (tycker, tyckte, tyckt)
    • synas verb (synar, synade, synat)
    • förefalla verb (förefaller, föreföll, förefallit)
    • synas vara verb (synar vara, synade vara, synat vara)

Conjugations for look like:

  1. look like
  2. look like
  3. looks like
  4. look like
  5. look like
  6. look like
simple past
  1. looked like
  2. looked like
  3. looked like
  4. looked like
  5. looked like
  6. looked like
present perfect
  1. have looked like
  2. have looked like
  3. has looked like
  4. have looked like
  5. have looked like
  6. have looked like
past continuous
  1. was looking like
  2. were looking like
  3. was looking like
  4. were looking like
  5. were looking like
  6. were looking like
  1. shall look like
  2. will look like
  3. will look like
  4. shall look like
  5. will look like
  6. will look like
continuous present
  1. am looking like
  2. are looking like
  3. is looking like
  4. are looking like
  5. are looking like
  6. are looking like
  1. be looked like
  2. be looked like
  3. be looked like
  4. be looked like
  5. be looked like
  6. be looked like
  1. look like!
  2. let's look like!
  3. looked like
  4. looking like
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for look like:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
förefalla look like; seem
lika som appear; look; look like
likna be like; bear resemblance to; look like; resemble; seem bear resemblance; like
se ut att appear; look; look like; seem
se ut som appear; look; look like
synas look like; seem arise; attend; be present at; become visible; observe; occur; show up; witness
synas vara look like; seem
tyckas appear; look; look like; seem
verka appear; look; look like; seem occur to
verka vara appear; look; look like
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
lika som as much; just as

Synonyms for "look like":

Related Definitions for "look like":

  1. bear a physical resemblance to1

Wiktionary Translations for look like:

Cross Translation:
look like se ut aussehen — ein Bild nach außen abgeben
look like synas; tyckas; förefalla paraître — Sembler, avoir l'apparence
look like synas; tyckas sembler — avoir l’air, l’apparence

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