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  1. desbloquear:
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Detailed Translations for desbloquear from Spanish to English


desbloquear verb

  1. desbloquear
    to unlock
    – To enable an object to be modified. 1
    • unlock verb (unlocks, unlocked, unlocking)
  2. desbloquear
    to unlock
    – To gain access to all phone functionality by entering the correct password when the phone has locked itself due to delayed use or when the user has manually locked it. 1
    • unlock verb (unlocks, unlocked, unlocking)
  3. desbloquear
    to unlock
    – To allow the shared user profile configuration set by the administrator to be modified by users from one session to another. 1
    • unlock verb (unlocks, unlocked, unlocking)

Translation Matrix for desbloquear:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
unlock desbloquear abrir; abrirse; desabrochar; desatar; desatornillar; desencerrar; desenroscar; destapar; destornillar; hacer accesible; quitar el cierre

Wiktionary Translations for desbloquear:

  1. to undo or open a lock
  2. give access to something

Cross Translation:
desbloquear unblock deblokkeren — een blokkering opheffen