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Detailed Translations for escritura from Spanish to English


escritura [la ~] noun

  1. la escritura (cuaderno; letra)
    the work-book; the copy book; the exercise-book
  2. la escritura (manuscrito; escrito; letra)
    the handwriting
    – the activity of writing by hand 1
    • handwriting [the ~] noun
      • handwriting can be slow and painful for one with arthritis1
    the script
    – something written by hand 1
  3. la escritura
    the writing; the clerical work
  4. la escritura
    the write
    – A transfer of information to a storage device, such as a disk, or to an output device, such as the monitor or printer. For example, a disk write means that information is transferred from memory to storage on disk. 2

Translation Matrix for escritura:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
clerical work escritura faenas de oficina; labores de oficina; quehaceres de oficina; trabajo de oficina
copy book cuaderno; escritura; letra
exercise-book cuaderno; escritura; letra
handwriting escrito; escritura; letra; manuscrito escritura a mano
script escrito; escritura; letra; manuscrito documento; escrito; letra; libreto; libro; libro de texto; script; tema; texto
work-book cuaderno; escritura; letra
write escritura
writing escritura arte de escribir; caligrafía; documento; escrito
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
write anillar; cartearse con alguien; corresponderse; escribir; escribir mucho

Synonyms for "escritura":

Wiktionary Translations for escritura:

  1. legal contract
  2. a system of writing
  3. any sacred writing or book
  4. written letters or symbols that express some meaning
  5. something written
  6. a work of an author

Cross Translation:
escritura script schrift — de letter- en cijfertekens van een taal
escritura script Schrift — System von Zeichen (z. B. Buchstaben oder Symbolen) zum Festhalten von Sprache
escritura hand Schrift — eine bestimmte Art zu schreiben
escritura writing system; script système d’écriture — Ensemble des symboles ou graphèmes utilisés dans l’écriture d’une langue ou plusieurs langues le partageant.
escritura writing écriture — Procédé permettant de représenter un langage.

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