Detailed Translations for matices from Spanish to English


matices [el ~] noun

  1. el matices
    the undertones

Translation Matrix for matices:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
undertones matices

Related Words for "matices":


matizar verb

  1. matizar
    to nuance; to differentiate; to modify
    • nuance verb (nuances, nuanced, nuancing)
    • differentiate verb (differentiates, differentiated, differentiating)
    • modify verb (modifies, modified, modifying)
  2. matizar
    to nuance; to distinguish; to discern; to discriminate; to differentiate
    • nuance verb (nuances, nuanced, nuancing)
    • distinguish verb (distinguishes, distinguished, distinguishing)
    • discern verb (discerns, discerned, discerning)
    • discriminate verb (discriminates, discriminated, discriminating)
    • differentiate verb (differentiates, differentiated, differentiating)

Conjugations for matizar:

  1. matizo
  2. matizas
  3. matiza
  4. matizamos
  5. matizáis
  6. matizan
  1. matizaba
  2. matizabas
  3. matizaba
  4. matizábamos
  5. matizabais
  6. matizaban
  1. maticé
  2. matizaste
  3. matizó
  4. matizamos
  5. matizasteis
  6. matizaron
fut. de ind.
  1. matizaré
  2. matizarás
  3. matizará
  4. matizaremos
  5. matizaréis
  6. matizarán
  1. matizaría
  2. matizarías
  3. matizaría
  4. matizaríamos
  5. matizaríais
  6. matizarían
pres. de subj.
  1. que matice
  2. que matices
  3. que matice
  4. que maticemos
  5. que maticéis
  6. que maticen
imp. de subj.
  1. que matizara
  2. que matizaras
  3. que matizara
  4. que matizáramos
  5. que matizarais
  6. que matizaran
  1. ¡matiza!
  2. ¡matizad!
  3. ¡no matices!
  4. ¡no maticéis!
  5. matizado
  6. matizando
1. yo, 2. tú, 3. él/ella/usted, 4. nosotros/nosotras, 5. vosotros/vosotras, 6. ellos/ellas/ustedes

Translation Matrix for matizar:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
differentiate distinción; distintivo
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
differentiate matizar desvincular; diferenciar; diferenciarse; distinguir; dividir; separar; separarse
discern matizar condecorar; destacarse; determinar; diferenciar; diferenciarse; distinguir; distinguirse
discriminate matizar discriminar; marginar; postergar
distinguish matizar diferenciar; discernir; distinguir
modify matizar actualizar; alterar; cambiar; convertir; enmendar; modificar; reformar
nuance matizar

Synonyms for "matizar":

Wiktionary Translations for matizar:

  1. to shade, color

matices form of matiz:

matiz [el ~] noun

  1. el matiz (tinte)
    the tinge; the hue
  2. el matiz
    the undertone
  3. el matiz
    the hue
    – In the HSB color model, one of the three characteristics used to describe a color. Hue is the attribute that most readily distinguishes one color from other colors. It depends on the frequency of a light wave in the visible spectrum. 1
    • hue [the ~] noun
  4. el matiz (espectro de colores; escala; gama; espectro solar; matiz de color)

Translation Matrix for matiz:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
chromatic spectrum escala; espectro de colores; espectro solar; gama; matiz; matiz de color tonalidad; tono
colour scale escala; espectro de colores; espectro solar; gama; matiz; matiz de color
hue matiz; tinte tonalidad; tono
range of colouring escala; espectro de colores; espectro solar; gama; matiz; matiz de color tonalidad; tono
tinge matiz; tinte
undertone matiz

Related Words for "matiz":

Synonyms for "matiz":

Wiktionary Translations for matiz:

  1. subtlety or fine detail
  2. character; aspect
  3. the characteristic related to the light frequency that appears in the color
  4. color or shade of color, blee; tint; dye
  5. pale or faint tinge of any color
  6. color considered with reference to other similar colors

Cross Translation:
matiz green cast; green fog Grünstich — Färbung ins grün hinein
matiz nuance Nuance — feinster, kaum bemerkbarer Unterschied innerhalb eines Kontinuums
matiz hue; shade Schattierung — geringe Abstufung in der Farbe
matiz hue; shade; tint; nuance; slant; subtlety nuance — peinture|fr imprimerie|fr chacun des degrés différents par lesquels peut passer une couleur, conserver le nom qui la distinguer des autres.
matiz hue; nuance; shade; tint; slant; colour; dye teinte — peinture|fr nuance de couleur.