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Detailed Translations for panel from Spanish to English


panel [el ~] noun

  1. el panel (grupo de expertos; panel de expertos)
    the forum; the panel
  2. el panel
    the panel
  3. el panel
    the dashboard
    – A set of reports or other data that is arranged in a panel format on a single page, or series of pages, in a web browser or SharePoint site. 1
  4. el panel
    the panel
    – A UI container that docks to a pane, can be part of a panel group, and is represented by a tab. 1
  5. el panel
    the panel
    – One of the thin, distinct sections that covers each side of a central processing unit or Surface unit. 1
  6. el panel (recuadro)
    the pane; the window pane
    – A portion of a software window bounded by and separated from other portions by vertical or horizontal bars and having a separate function. 1

Translation Matrix for panel:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
dashboard panel panel de información; tablero de instrumentos; tablero de mandos
forum grupo de expertos; panel; panel de expertos foro
pane panel; recuadro cristal; cristal pequeño; cuadradito; cuadrado; cuadrito; cuadro; cuadrícula; rombo; vidrio
panel grupo de expertos; panel; panel de expertos encuadramiento; equipo
window pane panel; recuadro
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
panel enmaderar

Related Words for "panel":

  • paneles, panela, panelas

Synonyms for "panel":

Wiktionary Translations for panel:

  1. rectangular section of a surface
  2. group of people gathered to judge, interview, discuss etc

Cross Translation:
panel dash-board; panel; wainscot; banner lambris — arts|fr revêtement de menuiserie, de marbre, de stuc, etc., sur les murailles d’une salle, d’une chambre, etc.
panel plank; wainscot; banner panneau — Petit pan.

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